June 15, 2011

Loading the moving truck...

Today was the day for the movers to come pack and load!

It has been a completely overwhelming process and I was dreading and looking forward to today at the same time. My house and my grandma's house have been filled to the brim for weeks (well in my grandma's case years!) with all of my stuff!

We met the movers at my grandma's house early this morning...
I directed them towards our stuff while they blocked the wholeeeeee street with the massive moving truck.
Finally after five years, my grandma can see and use her whole garage! I don't know what I would have down without this space and all her advice along the way :)
Grant and I should get paid for this crate and barrel marketing.
The big truck blocking our street!
All our stuff!

This was one of our movers. The other two men were AMAZING-so nice and professional. This one asked mom not to take his picture because he's wanted by the FBI. I'm honestly not sure whether or not he was joking...
This is Cliff, the driver, he raised 6 kids of his own and 15 foster kids. Kind of amazing. He will be my only other friend besides in Grant in TN come next week. I can't wait to see him on the other side of this all and I know he'll take great care of all our stuff.
After the movers left, mom and I rushed off to Scott's to meet Becca and Jane for the rehearsal dinner tasting! Everything was so delicious and I can't wait for December!

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