June 15, 2011

Showered with lots of love!

On Monday my Auntie Dora and MB hosted a bridal shower for me. It was lots of fun to see everyone before I left and now Grant and I have everything we need for our apartment...
The first game we played made us look for a list of things in our purses....Allison brought her work bag-which apparently lacks all the essentials one needs to survive...
My sister and lovely MOH had asked Grant a bunch of questions to see how well I knew what Grant would answer. Each time I got an answer wrong Josie had to put a skittle in my mouth. Some of Grant's answers were a little faulty so I ended up with quite a few skittles.
All ready for our royal wedding in December!
Our pseudo little sisters! I'm going to miss them so much!
My lovely bridesmaids and our faux bouquets for the rehearsal.

Sorority pose.
Army Wife pose to match the TV show.
Prom pose.
The beautiful hostesses!
All the Kingsley ladies...
I don't know what I would do without this one. Goal for the next few months: find her a military man so she can join me in Clarksville.

Such a fun evening and Allison and I both woke up with sugar headaches from eating the delicious cake!

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