June 25, 2011

We're here!

We are finally both here in Clarksville! I left Tuesday morning after a few very sad days of goodbyes. I flew out of Oakland into Nashville with a layover in Kansas City, Missouri...I texted Grant during the layover and told him I never want to live there. But Heather, you'll be pleased to know that I did catch about twenty minutes of the Casey Anthony trial while killing time in the airport. Walking off the plane in Nashville I walked past two country music singers. Quite the warm country welcome to the south. Grant picked me up and after running a few errands we made it to our empty apartment.

Wednesday morning the washer/dryer, cable, and moving deliveries were all scheduled to arrive anytime after 8am. Surprisingly enough...the cable man showed up at 8:15, the washer/dryer man showed up at 8:20 and the movers showed up at 8:45. It was a very busy morning to say the least.

Cliff showed up and was a little worried about how he was going to get the moving truck all the way around to our apartment...he decided the best way to do it would be to back his massive moving truck around our entire complex to get to our apartment. It was impressive to say the least.

Of course that meant that our other two delivery men were blocked in for a few minutes...

The fugitive was back with Cliff, along with a local Clarksville mover. My job was to check off all the boxes as they came in while Grant helped and tried to tell them where to put the boxes. Of course the fugitive dumped the boxes as quickly as he could regardless of where Grant told him to put the boxes. Needless to say it took us quite a while to find our dishes since he buried them in our dining room.

Our goal was to have the entire apartment put back together by tonight since Grant officially starts work tomorrow...but with our type A personalities, and lots of hours of unpacking, we were pretty much finished by Thursday night....here is our bedroom!

Yes, the drapes are two different colors in this photo...we bought one navy one on Thursday...it was not big enough. So Friday when Grant checked into work he picked up another one...but they were out of navy and he didn't want to come home empty handed :) We exchanged the black one today and now have matching curtains.

And our master bathroom...the two things that we would both change about this apartment...
1. Eliminate the faux drawers. There should be real drawers in a bathroom.
2. Make the towel rack normal heights. Hand towel height does not work well for bath towels. We went out and bought a normal towel rack for our bathroom.

This is our living room from the dining room. The door on the far left is our bedroom.

Here's the dining room and kitchen from the living room!

The dining room!

The kitchen!

The guest room! We've finished this room since the photos were taken...now we're all ready for visitors!

The guest bathroom.

The biggest problem we ran into was the number of cardboard boxes we ended up with. Our patio has made us look like a bunch of vagabonds or hoarders. Grant was worried that all of our boxes created a security risk. Yesterday we were going out to run errands and there was a man sitting in his running truck staring at our apartment. So Grant said we should go turn on our alarm just in case. When we got in my car, the man walked up and knocked on the window. He said that we looked like we were fighting and that there will be plenty of tough times in our marriage and we need to remember that we love each other. After talking military with Grant for ten minutes, he left. And we both proceeded to laugh...little did he know the only reason we looked concerned was because he looked sketchy.

Last night we had dinner with Casey and she took us to this great sushi place! It's really close to our apartment and I'm so glad we have somewhere safe for me to eat. I really love our apartment. And Clarksville is beautiful! We went to church this morning and it was absolutely beautiful. The people were really nice and we will definitely be going back.

Overall it's been a very busy week, but we are so happy to finally be settled in our new home!


  1. It's beautiful, Kingsley! Congrats!

  2. Thanks Allie!

    I wish WCP...if only. What a crazy lady. Although that trial did keep me occupied today while Grant was at work :)


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