July 6, 2011

Instant Gratification

I've discovered that Tennessee believes in a little something I like to call instant gratification.

Last week I had to go get a TN driver's license. Here they require everyone living in the state to get one within 30 days of moving...except of course for active military...I called the DMV to make an appointment like we can in California. The nice lady on the phone told me they don't make appointments but that I should get there early because the week before they had a six and a half hour wait time. The DMV opens at 7. According to this lady, people start lining up at 6:15. So when Grant got up for work, I got up for the DMV. I grumpily arrived at 6:45 and was number 15 in a line that was already wrapping around the building. After waiting another hour and a half inside, I finally was called to the counter, and another thirty minutes later I walked out of the building with my new driver's license in hand. They type in your info right there, send you over to the photo station where someone else takes your photo and minutes later they hand you your new id. In California, we have to wait weeks for the new one to arrive in the mail, so this was a pretty exciting party favor from my early...and long morning.

Today I had to go register my car in Tennessee. I walked up to the counter where I showed the sweetest lady my two forms of id and proofs of residency, along with the pink slip of course. Five minutes later she had swiped my credit card and I was walking out of the building with my new license plate in tow.

California could really learn something from this instant gratification.

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