July 2, 2011

Meerkats, and Tigers, and Lynx oo my!

We decided it was time to finally venture out of our Clarksville bubble. Grant suggested the Nashville Zoo and after a little research and a quick search in our GPS we were on our way. We've discovered that Nashville is really only about 35-40 minutes away from Clarksville so it's pretty much like going into the city for something.

This is the house within the zoo where several families lived over the years. After the great granddaughters died, they left the land and money to make the zoo.

Before we got really hot and tired...

The elephants were so beautiful. But they just kept standing around the big pool of water. With how hot it was, they should have been jumping around in it.

The big male giraffe started to get a little frisky with one of the female giraffes. It was a little awkward to watch along with all of the families and small children at the zoo. We moved right along to the next exhibit.

The little meerkats were my favorites!!! They were just born the end of January and they looked very cute and snuggly minus they sharp claws. There was one meerkat that kept nibbling on another. Reminded me so much of Mango and Kato. The other meerkat even tried to sit on the nibbler just like Kato does with Mango.

The lynx! They have specially padded paws so that they can approach their prey silently and still hunt during the winter.

Picture in the alligator hut...fully embracing our new southern lifestyle. I feel like we should be adding Swamp Wars to the DVR.

Grant and his alligator friend.

The zoo was really well designed. This was the bamboo forest. Most of the walkways were designed with trees all around so that we were walking in the shade.

Hot and tired at the end of the day...in front of the cougars! Just like high school...

We can't remember what types of monkeys these are...But the male monkey is on the right and he was holding hands with the other monkey and licking her face. It was pretty adorable. And he was clearly very proud of himself.

On the way home we had to stop and get gas. Grant got us cold drinks, and of course, he needed a Milky Way...in reference to our favorite billboard from Columbus, GA...chubby isn't cute if you have diabetes...

By the time we arrived back in Clarksville we were so hot and tired that we spent an hour at the pool before making dinner and eating on the patio. Now we're both sunkissed and exhausted after our adventure.

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