July 24, 2011

Our "Great" Idea and Dad's Visit!

The other day we decided we would try a puzzle...Grant thought 1000 pieces would be too easy.

So far it's been really difficult. I helped with the edge pieces...and that's about it. But Grant's been a trooper and he's almost half way finished with it! Next time we're getting a puzzle with lots of different colors.

Dad worked in Houston all week so he flew in Friday to spend the weekend with us. It was so good to see him and I'm sad the trip was so quick! Friday he got to see my new school and a tour of post and we met up with Eric to see what it's like to fly helicopters. Then we headed downtown to have dinner at Edward's. It was delicious and the people working there were so friendly and great about my allergies.

We spent Saturday by the pool and then went to dinner at Fujiyama before we went to Jazz on the Lawn at Beachhaven Winery. It was so hot!

Tomorrow I start staff training for the new curriculum I'm teaching this year!

Less than two weeks until Scooter comes to visit!

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