July 1, 2011

Settling in...

We've been here for over a week now and it is finally starting to feel like home. Grant started in-processing this week and I've been playing the happy housewife while school is out of session. So far our freezer has been filled with banana bread, bags and bags of pizza/pasta sauce, and lots of dairy free chocolate chip cookies. I've found the gym at our complex and the mailbox and we've even managed to leave the apartment, go out and about in Clarksville, and make it home without the use of our GPS systems.

Grant found some great painting reprints online and now we've got constant reminders of where we're from (and where we're returning to post-army life). The paintings are of Napa Valley, San Francisco and the Pacific Coast.

We got a bookshelf for the guest room and it helps hide all our cables that were all over the place!

And we finally hung the big painting on the wall!

Our first visitor comes a week from today!! I can't wait for Caroline to get here so we can show her Clarksville and catch up. I hate being so far away from everyone...Thankfully I'll have a two to one vote with her here for tv shows. Although with the Casey Anthony trial ending soon I am going to have to broaden my horizon.

Here's a picture of what our outside patio looks like! Just for you mom :) The days have been really hot and humid lately but the nights have been amazing. We've spent the past two nights eating dinner and sitting outside enjoying the warm weather!

One week until Caroline arrives!!!!!! We're off to Nashville tomorrow for an adventure!


  1. I saw on your FB that you had a blog! So I started reading it (i hope thats not weird) Everything looks great and I am so happy for you two!

  2. Not weird at all! :) How are you? Congrats on your marriage!! So exciting!!

  3. i really enjoy stalking everything about your new life.


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