August 21, 2011

We really can't afford for you to be practicing right now...

It feels like we have been moving non stop for weeks now. We've been so lucky to have so many visitors, we've both been crazy busy at work, and I've been really sick lately. This week was nothing out of that usual routine...

Mom flew in Tuesday night and just flew out tonight. Wednesday I had to go to the doctor's for some tests and both Mom and Grant were able to come with me which was nice. Thankfully, everything came back fine. We spent lots of time working and Mom spent lots of time relaxing in our apartment!

Friday night we had Emily and Jared over for dinner and some points things were a little intense...

The girls beat the boys!

Jared and his thinking face...

Grant and Jared.

Grant and Kingsley.

Grant, Mom and Kingsley

Such a fun night and tomorrow Emily and I can go to school and tell our kids that we went wakeboarding, bowling, canoeing, shot and arrows....

Saturday we got our nails done and went shopping while Grant and Ryan played golf! Theni t was off to sushi and Jazz on the Lawn!

In theory, we would slow things down for a little while to catch up on our rest. But we had a wonderful dinner tonight with our friends Stephanie and Eric and played more Wii! Life might slow down for us in a few more weeks...

August 13, 2011

Survived Week 1!

I know we haven't posted in a's been pretty crazy around here. I've been sick for the past couple of weeks and officially reported to work on the 3rd! West Creek is in its third year and there are lots of new and young teachers. I've met some really nice people and my classroom is all set up.

Caitlin and Ted stopped by while they were driving across the country on their way to Brown and Boston College. They spent the night with us and we went to sushi and enjoyed some trash tv. The next night Scooter arrived for the weekend! Caroline drove up from Memphis and we all had dinner at Edward's. They spent the night in Nashville and the next morning Grant's family arrived (minus Kayt who is already back at school!). It was so great to see them all and we've become masters of the Clarksville/Fort Campbell tour.

That Friday was my first half day of school and it's definitely different than Campo. I have a lot of really nice students and a few more that will keep me on my toes. They're getting used to the amount of writing I am going to expect from them and some of them are actually really enjoying it :)

Grant and I are officially exhausted all the time from working so much. Getting up at five in the morning means that we go to bed around seven-thirty. I have to get a bunch of work done this weekend but we will be spending the rest of the weekend by the pool!

Mom arrives Tuesday and will be here through Sunday and then Auntie Dora and Jim will be visiting Julie, Grant, and I Sunday through Wednesday.

It's back to living for the weekends...

August 3, 2011


We finally finished the puzzle!!! And when I say we...I really mean Grant did 99.99999% of it, and I helped at the very end when there were fewer pieces to overwhelm me :)

Life has been very busy for both of us lately. Grant has been given more responsibility at work and is busy planning a few events. I officially reported to work today but have been in trainings for the last week and a half. I am now teaching Books C, E, and F. So three preps with one planning period! Plus I am the case manager for about 20 students. I am really excited and met lots of great people at work today. But it makes me miss California and everyone I worked with there and all of my students.

This weekend I took a break from lesson planning and Grant and I went to our friend Paige's house in Cross Plains. We got to meet her family and a bunch of her friends from home/college. It was so nice to be with an actual family and be at a real house. We spent hours playing pool volleyball and eating yummy chocolate cupcakes that Paige made allergen free for me!! It was raining...and there was thunder and lightening...but they kept counting the seconds until the thunder so they told us it was safe to stay in the pool. It went against everything I've ever been told about water and electricity in California. It was pretty much the best weekend we've had since we've been here.

Caitlin and Ted are driving across the country and arrive in an hour! And Scooter arrives tomorrow!! And then Grant's family gets here Saturday morning. It's going to be a busy week with lots of visitors!!
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