September 14, 2011

alternative medicine makes me giggle

Today was my first appointment at the Vanderbilt Integrative Health Center. The center helps people with chronic diseases and illnesses, as well as people who want to focus on being healthy in all aspects of the body and life.

I'm not going to lie. Walking into the office I wanted to laugh a little bit. It all feels a little too hippy-ish to me. The office is set up in a circular manner and the entire vibe is very calming. There is a library where patients can check out books and there are all kinds of healing rooms where different treatments take place.

But, after an hour there, I think I might be hooked...or at least incredibly hopeful. My doctor was wonderful. Turns out she grew up in Moraga and went to Campolindo too. Such a small world. But after listening to my medical history, her response was informed and confident. Something that has been hard to find in the autoimmune/chronic fatigue realm. There just isn't enough research or information out there; which means there are very few doctors in the grand scheme of things that study these areas. After an hour of working with me, she developed a treatment plans that explores a lot of alternative options that the traditional medical route has not provided me with. Up first, trying a gluten free diet for a few weeks. Next, seeing a health psychologist to work on mindfulness. Third, therapeutic yoga. Fourth, hot aquatic therapy. Fifth, Omega 3 supplements. And finally, she said Grant has to give me massages to help with the constant aches. Doctors orders. She even wrote it down on my patient plan so he has to do it. :)

So excited to finally be moving forward. Thanks for all the texts, emails, phone calls, visits, etc. of support. It helps so much. And I'm pretty lucky that Grant takes such good care of me.

P.S. 99 days in case anyone besides Grant, Scott, and I is keeping track!

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