September 20, 2011

early birthday, dunbar cave, and coffee crumb cake!

I have the best fiance. Hands down. He takes care of me when I'm sick (which unfortunately has been most of the time lately), he makes me laugh constantly, and he loves me more than I ever thought anyone would.

And on top of that, he got me my birthday present almost a month early because he knew I really wanted it and it would keep me busy while I get better. After a lot of research and tips from Ryan (the best yearbook friend/Junior prom date), we found a canon DSLR for sale on If you aren't familiar with you are missing out. It's basically an online yard-sale for military families. It's my new obsession ever since Regina told me about it at the 4th of July party she and Clay had. So Saturday morning after traffic school (blog post coming!) we met the guy selling the camera to pick it up. And I LOVE it!

It was such a nice day and I was feeling pretty good so we decided to check out Dunbar Cave.

Dunbar Cave is beautiful. You can't go into the cave right now. I think they found some sort of bacteria or mold with the bats in the cave. But you can still walk up to it and see how pretty it is.

We were glad we took the time to spend the afternoon outdoors, even though I was completely wiped out from the adventure, because it has been raining ever since we got home Saturday night. I'm not complaining; I love these fall days because it means that my favorite time of the year is rapidly approaching.

And this weekend, Grant and I decided to make another one of the box mixes my mom filled out pantry with when we moved in. I'm hesitant to even share this box mix because I will definitely me making it lots and no one would ever know it is from a box....

The Trader Joe's Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake!

It's beautiful, delicious, and so so easy. You literally mix the batter, dump it in a floured cake pan, and then pat the crumb mix on the top. Pop it in the over for 45 minutes and not only do you have a delicious cake, but your whole house smells wonderful!

Next trip to Nashville I will definitely be stocking up on this box mix.

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