September 19, 2011

Massages: My New Medical Treatment

I woke up this morning to rain pouring outside. Not drizzling...but pounding on the pavement, big rain puddles, rainboots are a must kind of day.

After spending the morning watching my reality smut, as Grant fondly calls my television shows, I made some more pizza sauce/pasta sauce/tomatoe soup (I'll post the recipe soon!). I decided to treat my body to a massage. When I was hired to teach, the district gave each of us a Clarksville Coupon book. I flipped through to see what I could find, and there it was, the whole section of personal of the coupons was 20% off a massage so I decided to try it out.

I called and they said they could fit me in today! After a sixty minute massage at Bella Medical Spa, my body feels so much better. I still have some aches, but they are much less severe than they were this morning, and in some places I am totally pain free! They have an open house coming up so if you live in Clarksville, you should definitely check this place out!

Tonight it's grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade soup so we can fully embrace the fall weather we are having. Hopefully I can convince Grant to help me with the hard pieces of the Lake Tahoe puzzle I am working on.

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