September 21, 2011

traffic school, yoga, pool therapy, fake lasagna

This weekend I had to attend traffic school. I got a speeding ticket on my way to my new teacher safety are the highlights I learned:

- In TN you are allowed to have open containers in your vehicle. As long as the passengers are holding them...

- TN is either the #1 or #2 state in prescription drug abuse (depending on the survey sometimes West Virginia is in the lead)

- TN has a road kill bill: If you run it over, it is yours to take home.

- And the kicker...if you are over 18 you do not have to wear a seat belt in the back seat. TN did not have a seat belt law until there was a lot of pressure from the federal government. This law was the compromise...

Last night was my first night of yoga. It was AMAZING; once I got past the funny position names, affirmations, and yoga-like music. At the end, I literally didn't feel any pain in my body.

But don't worry, today was my first day of pool therapy. So now my whole body hurts. And for the record, there is nothing hot about hot aquatic therapy. All that means is that you have therapy in an indoor pool. The water is still cold. I'm hoping this therapy will help with the achiness I have, and that doing yoga several times a week will help as well!

The past two nights Grant and I have eaten fake lasagna for dinner.

First make the pasta sauce/pizza sauce/tomato soup. I usually make a big batch every two months and then save it in ziploc freezer baggies.

All you need, is canned tomatoes, tomato paste, kosher salt, basil, oregano, and a little olive oil. Just put all the ingredients in the food processor and blend! It's not a perfect science so just add until it tastes right to you.

Just defrost to use as pasta sauce or pizza sauce. If you want tomato soup, just add some milk or lactaid milk while you heat it up!

To make the lasagna, first cook hamburger meat and then add to the tomato sauce. Cook those on low for a few hours to let the meat absorb the flavor! Then boil the pasta. I take a pyrex pan and layer pasta, sauce, pasta, sauce. After that, I just throw the pan in the oven on broil for about 15 minutes to make the top crispy!

We avoid the cheese, but you could add it if you want :)

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