October 7, 2011

sweets, puzzles, and a witch doctor!

Box mixes are my favorite form of desserts for parties. They are SO easy and people never know they are from a box. This company also makes a snickerdoodle mix that is DELICIOUS!

With this batch I just added a drop of the Hershey's perfect chocolate frosting and they were so tasty. We also love the Hershey's chocolate cupcake recipe and the only substitution I have to make is rice milk instead of regular milk.

And I finally finished the Lake Tahoe puzzle Caroline sent Grant for his birthday.

Yesterday I went to a witch doctor...really she was a holistic healer, but I had my doubts. I pretty much didn't sleep at all the night before because I was feeling so awful, so I asked Paige to ride along with me since we had to drive all the way to Franklin. (Plus she's finishing her nursing degree so her medical expertise came in handy). I went to have some bio-energetic testing done. They call it electrodermal screening. Basically, I hold an electrode in my right hand, while she taps my middle finger on my left hand with a smaller electrode that looks like a pen you would sign an electronic credit card machine with. The whole point of this screening is to find out where you body is in-balance and where your body and where your body is out of balance. They go through a series of screenings and continue to follow up in the areas that are red until they find some answers or directions. From there, they create a homeopathic treatment plan to help your body heal. She is not a doctor, so I am going to follow up on all of her results with my own doctors to see if there is potential validity to what she discovered. All of my symptoms fall into place, but they fall into place with a lot of things. Her results indicated that I may have chronic lyme disease (this is different from the acute lyme disease we usually think of). There is not a lot of research on this disease, but I found a great website and organization if you want to read about it!

California on Monday...could not be more excited for rest, relaxation, and wedding things!!!

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