October 20, 2011

Wedding Prep Whirlwind!

I finally got to go home to California for a week! The flight home was horrendous...my layover was in MSP and my flight to SFO was delayed because of fog. Not to mention I was rocking a fever, with chills, to go along with all o fmy other symptoms. Thankfully I made it home and Mom was waiting for me at the airport! After a quick hello to the fam, Mango and I promptly passed out in the B & B.

Mom and I (well, mostly Mom) got lots of wedding things finished this week! The favors were already finished before I landed, along with the table numbers. We made good progress on the programs and those were finished before I landed back in Nashville. I can't wait to share what they look like after December!!

Tuesday I got to go visit at Campolindo and see lots of my favorite coworkers and former students. It was great to be back and was definitely a little bittersweet. I'm so happy to be in TN with Grant, but I really did love my job!

Wednesday I had sushi with two of my absolute favorites! David and Bonnie!! and then almost finished our Christmas shopping (Grant and I are now officially finished shopping!). Allison and Grandma came over to celebrate my birthday, although Allison clearly did not get the brown sweatpant memo...

Mango was there all week to snuggle and give kisses! While Kato mostly snuggled...and sometimes growled...

We had lots of fun relaxing, getting SNOOZIES!, and eating cinnamon crumb cake...

Thursday it was off for my first dress fitting in the city. I still LOVE my dress. It's perfect, but very very hard to keep it a secret. And Thursday night we had the reception tasting. I was a little worried they might not remember all of the ingredients I am allergic to, but everything was great and I think people will leave very full!

Friday was spent relaxing before homemade pizza night and trashy reality television with Caroline and Allison. Thankfully, I am now able to translate what the southern people are saying...I can't decide yet if I'm proud of that or not...

Saturday, Caroline, Allison, and the Hayes ladies hosted by California themed Bridal Shower. I had such a great time seeing everyone!!

There are lots more pictures posted on facebook too!! I can't wait to be home for longer in November so I can spend more time catching up with everyone. I am so lucky to be blessed with some pretty awesome people in my life and thanks to texting, phone calls, skype, facebook, and twitter, I get to talk to them much more than I get to see them while I'm out here in TN.

Afterwards, Grandma and Grandpa stayed for dinner!

By Sunday I was exhausted...but the trip was filled with lots of resting time to balance out the working time. And my flights home on Sunday were much much easier than the flights out to CA.

Can't wait to be back in a month!!

63 days left until the GRIKI wedding!!!

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  1. cute! where are you having the reception?!?!


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