November 13, 2011

born to be wild...

With the holiday season in full effect around here, my crafty Grandma from California mailed us this BEAUTIFUL wreath to add to our decorations. I LOVE it and it hangs on our bedroom door so we can see it all the time!

Grant's friend from school, and a groomsman, Ashton was in Nashville for this weekend so we met up for sushi and drinks on Saturday! Emily, Emme, Andy, Haley, and Ryan joined too so we had quite the gang at dinner. While Ashton welcomed me to team extreme, and hit on a few older ladies, Emily and I saw the potential employment opportunities Nashville has to offer. And while we did not take pictures, because everyone is someone's daughter or sister, let me assure you, that if pole dancing or barrel dancing ever start to interest either one of us...we can leave our teaching careers behind and head to Nashville...

We had a great time in Nashville listening to karaoke wannabes (including Ashton) rock out with hopes of a record deal magically appearing and making new friends.

Grant, Emily and I headed back to Clarksville at the end of our night and let's just say that things rapidly headed downhill...or to the side of the road...

Shortly after exiting the freeway and about 7 minutes from our apartment, we hit a little bump in the road. I commented that that was an odd noise but there wasn't anything that we saw in a road. Immediately following that comment, Grant chimed in that I was driving by braille...suddenly my car started drifting to the right and we knew I had a flat tire. Having a flat tire is one thing...having a flat tire when it is 50 degrees outside with a wind chill that makes it feel like you're in 30 degree weather is another. Add one intoxicated Grant, a second flat for Emily in a matter of weeks, and a very tired and not handy Kingsley and we were quite the odd couple.

I got out my manual, Grant attempted to find tools in the back, and Emily tried to twist the jack out from underneath her seat. One of Clarksville's finest/worst police officers stopped to offer help. Grant said that would be great since he had already had a lot to drink and Emily and I obviously had no idea what we were doing. The officer told Grant to be safe, walked back to his car, and drove off. After calling triple A and then deciding we would just change it ourselves, Emily and I got my spare tire, while Grant used the jack to raise my car. Emily and I were spewing a few lovely curse words about the town of Clarksville, the roads, and the lack of good samaritans as Grant attempted to change the tire as quickly as possible while we froze to death. Shortly thereafter God must have heard our prays/curses and one nice guy pulled over and helped Grant.

A few minutes later we were canceling our service request and making our way back to our apartments and finally into bed.

Lessons learned from this nice:
- Emily and I would be way better barrel/bar dancers than the girls currently employed in Nashville
- Everyone in Nashville thinks they are going to be a famous country singer
- Sushi places that look really nice on Yelp might look sketchy in person, but can still have awesome food
- Learn to change your tire before you actually have a flat. Or at least know how to access all the necessary components so your fiance can change it for you.
- And finally, always pack an extra winter coat. Because winter in Clarksville starts in October, and I get very cranky and whiny when I'm cold.

39 days until the GRIKI wedding!

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