November 29, 2011

One of us has a boot cast while the other has a new job...

Thanksgiving was a whirlwind back in California. It was so nice to see our families but we still feel like we didn't get to see all of our friends! We can't wait to be back in a little bit.

And finally, after thousands and thousands of miles of plane rides, we finally go to fly from Oakland to Denver to Nashville together. And let me tell you, flying with Grant is 20 bagillion times better than flying alone.

Monday we went to see a great foot doctor in Nashville who comes highly recommended. He told Grant he has to stay in a boot cast for 6 weeks to give his foot time to heal. Grant isn't thrilled about this...and maybe...just maybe, if he keeps it on long enough after work I will get a picture of him with it on. The doctor said that chances are at the end of 6 weeks all of Grant's pain will be gone! This is great news since lately there had been lots of surgery talk which we were both trying to avoid as much as possible.

Today I had an interview with a private company that does tutoring with students who have autism. And I got the job!! I am so excited. The company seems great and I can't wait to get started. The position is part time so there will still be plenty of time for my body to rest.

Health update: My allergist at home has referred me to the National Health Institute to see about the possibility of a Mast Cell Disorder. This disorder could be the cause of my POTS and food allergies. We have to go through a series of government protocols to make sure I qualify for their services.

It's almost time for the GRIKI wedding....beyond EXCITED!


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