December 18, 2011

My Bachelorette Party!

Last night was my bachelorette party!! My maid of honor and sister, Caroline, did an excellent job planning everything and we had a wonderful day!

First we started off with mimosas and catch-up time. Then we all got to pick an apron that we liked. Tied to the apron was a food. We all made my favorite chicken salad for lunch and the food listed on our label was what we were in charge of while making the meal!

Then we were whisked away to Lavande for pedicures and more champagne. Later it was back to the house for treats, romantic comedies, and gifts! Caroline surprised us all with goodie bags filled with beads and light up rings for the night!

We got all dolled up and a MASSIVE party bus for 45 people arrived. They upgraded us because they gave our smaller bus away to another group. Tom was our driver and while we were at dinner he picked up his 22 year old son Casey for the ride home. We had vodka-cranberries and mango mojitos while we danced (and sang) our way to the city for dinner at Paragon! And what dinner would be complete at Paragon without a chat with Spence before he made my meal...

We danced, sang, and drank our way back to Moraga where we all knew we would feel it today. I'm glad to report that we all survived, but we're all a little achy and tired this morning.

There are hundreds of more pictures posted on facebook....

4 days until the GRIKI wedding!!!

December 16, 2011

The boys are off to Vegas...

Tonight the boys are off to Vegas for Grant's Bachelor Party!!! I hope they have a fabulous time and that no one ends up sleeping on the roof! And while we all know the Hangover references...I think it's appropriate that we think about the movie What Happens in Vegas...

Clearly Grant is Ashton...and Scott is the wannabe lawyer.

And no, I'm not worried about Grant coming back married to someone else.
We're too good of a match for me to be worried about that.

My sister's been busy being an AMAZING maid of honor planning me a secret bachelorette party for tomorrow. I don't know anything but am so excited to spend a day with the girls!!!

And Gordie was supposed to arrive home tonight from Manchester...however, his first was was delayed 3.5 hours so he missed his connection which means that he is stuck in Munich for the night. But fingers crossed he'll make it home tomorrow night!

6 days until the GRIKI wedding!

December 15, 2011

One week left!

I can't believe there's only one week left until our big day. I feel like just yesterday Grant was surprising me in my classroom and proposing...

Date of event

Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Officer (and Gentleman) Proposes!

"Congratulations to Kingsley Grafft and her new fiance, Grant Frazier, a Second Lieutenant currently stationed at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia. While Grant and Kingsley met during their freshman year of high school at Campolindo, they didn't become a couple until June of last year after he graduated from West Point and returned home for the summer. Grant surprised Kingsley when he showed up at the school where she teaches in uniform last Thursday, got down on one knee and popped the question in front of her sixth period class. Now there's a lesson in love! "
This was published in the March 14, 2011 Junior League of Oakland-East Bay, Inc. E-Blast.

December 12, 2011

Happy Monday and Happy Birthday Mom!

California, Beta Blockers, a Birthday and Kinect!

I am finally home in California. I had to fly from Nashville to San Diego and from San Diego to Oakland. The flights were pretty easy, but because of the altitude change by heart rate was 122 the entire time. But I made it home and have been able to start the beta blocker which has already lowered my heart rate. Yesterday my heart rate ranged from 85 to 95. My heart rate hasn't been this low in MONTHS, if not longer so this was huge progress!

Today is mom's birthday!! So happy birthday to the best mom! We're celebrating tonight and next Monday when Grant and Gordon are home too!!

I can't find the kinect tennis commercial...but every time I see one of these ones I can't help but think that someday we might come home to find our own parents doing this...

10 days until the GRIKI wedding!!!

December 9, 2011

Beat with a Baseball Bat

That's exactly what it feels like happened to my face. The recovery from this tilt table test is taking longer than I thought it would. I know I only had the test yesterday morning, but I was really under the impression that at the latesttttttt I would feel fine 24 hours later. Well we are now 30 hours into recovery and I still feel like I have been run over by a truck and that someone smashed in my face with a baseball bat. It's hard to really explain what it feels like unless you've experienced these symptoms. And the good news is that the tilt table test was able to reproduce the episodes I've been experiencing, but the unfortunate part was in order for that to happen, I had to endure another episode and am now dealing with the recovery process.

I saw my cardiologist this morning, and he has put me on a beta blocker twice a day. I'll start it tomorrow night once I have safely landed in California. The doctor says that I should start to feel better in 3 or 4 days. That is an amazing thought and I really hope he's right! But basically, the results of yesterday's test show that I do indeed have POTS and it is an autonomic nervous response (meaning we can't cure it, we can only treat the symptoms). Additionally, my test results show that at this point in time I should be standing for no longer than 15 minutes at a time (and that is the absolute max!). When I think about what that means for my life I feel overwhelmed. This means no grocery shopping (or only very quick trips), no parking far away, no walks, no working out, no standing in lines, no shopping, no teaching, and no standing anytime soon. I'm hoping my adrenaline will kick in on the wedding day so that none of this is an issue, but we'll have a back up plan in case it is.

But the bottom line is that I haven't been crazy. I haven't been making this up. And it wasn't just CFS. My CFS was being caused by POTS. I'm so glad I didn't just settle with my doctors, I listened to my gut instinct that was telling me it was something more than CFS. Now we have some answers that will actually allow me to treat my body and help it heal.

13 days until the GRIKI wedding. 24 hours until California.

December 8, 2011

2 weeks > Tilt Test

2 weeks until the GRIKI wedding. I could not be more excited. I wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep because I'm so excited (or because I've just had a nightmare about something horrible happening to my dress...).

This morning I had to have an echo (ultrasound of my heart) and a tilt table test. The echo was a piece of cake, no big deal, and Grant was there the whole time. The tilt table test was an entirely different story. If you want to see what one looks like, look it up on That's what I did last night. Unfortunately, Grant wasn't allowed to stay for this test. Basically, they move your body to different positions while monitoring your heart rate the whole time. For the first 15 minutes you lie entirely flat and they monitor your blood pressure every 3 minutes. That was no big deal. They even had a tv in the room that I could watch. Then they raise the table you are strapped to so you are at an 80 degree angle and they monitor your blood pressure every minute. Everything was going fine. My heart rate and blood pressure were doing exactly what I told the doctor they would do. But of course I jinxed the last minute and a half I had a POTS episode. I started flushing, getting dizzy and nauseous, and felt like I really needed to lie down. But since you can't lie down, I actually passed out. My heart rate dropped from 148 to 54. I actually had two non-responsive beats. It was a fairly traumatic experience. My body was desperately asking me to lie it down but because of the test you can't. The nurse and technician were wonderful, as well as the people monitoring my IV. They took excellent care of me and brought Grant back into the room as quickly as they could.

I'm under strict orders to rest for the remainder of the day, so Grant set me up on the sofa before he went to work so I can spend the day watching trashy tv until he comes home!

14 days and counting...

Whole Foods Parking Lot

Another awesome video courtesy of Allison:

December 7, 2011

GRIKI what?!?

Just recently a friend from high school (and fellow blogger!!) commented on our blog asking about the meaning behind GRIKI.

It's pretty simple.

Grant (Gr) + Kiki (iki) = GRIKI

Please don't think we really believe that we're such a big deal that we get to be put in the category of couples with only one name (ie. Bennifer...). We all know how successful those turn out to be. But the nickname started as soon as we started dating and has stuck ever since. With the wedding coming up, the nickname continues to be usesful...GRIKI wedding, Team GRIKI, and of course the twitter hashtag #teamgriki, #grikiwedding...

PS 15 days until the GRIKI wedding!

It's snowing!

Today it officially snowed in Clarksville. It was mostly slushy rain, but coming from was definitely snow!

I was headed to the YMCA to do my pool workout, but when I saw it was snowing, I decided I would just sit in the hot tub instead.

Now I'm spending the day inside bundled up, pretending I live somewhere that has snow that actually sticks to the ground!

15 days until the GRIKI wedding!!

December 6, 2011

Happy Thanksmas! and Happy Cookie Eating!!

We all know I love the holidays. So Grant and I decided to throw a little Thanksgiving/Christmas party. It was the perfect excuse to get out our Christmas Spode. Grant decided we should make a trip to Goodwill to pick out some lovely Christmas sweaters. The night was filled with food, taboo, and lots of funny stories!

Monday night was our December book club. We had a cookie and an ornament exchange. Needless to say we spent the whole night catching up and eating cookies, and literally no time talking about the book. Alex left with cookies, ornaments, and a dog. Well she picked the dog up today, but thanks to the support of the book club she was able to save Holly from being sold to a rescue shelter in New York!!

16 days until the GRIKI wedding!!!!

December 4, 2011

Food Allergies

"This is the only life-threatening disease I can think of
where survival depends on the people around you."

Spread food allergy awareness along with holiday cheer.

December 2, 2011

12 Stages of Deployment

Feeling very lucky that I don't have to spend this Christmas away from Grant and very thankful for those that are spending it away from their loved ones...

December 1, 2011

When filling out your Christmas Cards this year...

Take one card and send it to:
A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
8901 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20889-5600

edit: My aunt did some research..."On a whim I decided to check this post on snopes and learned that the Walter Reed address does not reach wounded/recovering service people. Here's the address they recommend:
Holidays Mail for Heros
Po Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD
According to snopes the mail must be post marked no later than Dec 9th or will be returned to sender. There are more guidelines on their web site.
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