December 8, 2011

2 weeks > Tilt Test

2 weeks until the GRIKI wedding. I could not be more excited. I wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep because I'm so excited (or because I've just had a nightmare about something horrible happening to my dress...).

This morning I had to have an echo (ultrasound of my heart) and a tilt table test. The echo was a piece of cake, no big deal, and Grant was there the whole time. The tilt table test was an entirely different story. If you want to see what one looks like, look it up on That's what I did last night. Unfortunately, Grant wasn't allowed to stay for this test. Basically, they move your body to different positions while monitoring your heart rate the whole time. For the first 15 minutes you lie entirely flat and they monitor your blood pressure every 3 minutes. That was no big deal. They even had a tv in the room that I could watch. Then they raise the table you are strapped to so you are at an 80 degree angle and they monitor your blood pressure every minute. Everything was going fine. My heart rate and blood pressure were doing exactly what I told the doctor they would do. But of course I jinxed the last minute and a half I had a POTS episode. I started flushing, getting dizzy and nauseous, and felt like I really needed to lie down. But since you can't lie down, I actually passed out. My heart rate dropped from 148 to 54. I actually had two non-responsive beats. It was a fairly traumatic experience. My body was desperately asking me to lie it down but because of the test you can't. The nurse and technician were wonderful, as well as the people monitoring my IV. They took excellent care of me and brought Grant back into the room as quickly as they could.

I'm under strict orders to rest for the remainder of the day, so Grant set me up on the sofa before he went to work so I can spend the day watching trashy tv until he comes home!

14 days and counting...

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