December 16, 2011

The boys are off to Vegas...

Tonight the boys are off to Vegas for Grant's Bachelor Party!!! I hope they have a fabulous time and that no one ends up sleeping on the roof! And while we all know the Hangover references...I think it's appropriate that we think about the movie What Happens in Vegas...

Clearly Grant is Ashton...and Scott is the wannabe lawyer.

And no, I'm not worried about Grant coming back married to someone else.
We're too good of a match for me to be worried about that.

My sister's been busy being an AMAZING maid of honor planning me a secret bachelorette party for tomorrow. I don't know anything but am so excited to spend a day with the girls!!!

And Gordie was supposed to arrive home tonight from Manchester...however, his first was was delayed 3.5 hours so he missed his connection which means that he is stuck in Munich for the night. But fingers crossed he'll make it home tomorrow night!

6 days until the GRIKI wedding!

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