December 12, 2011

California, Beta Blockers, a Birthday and Kinect!

I am finally home in California. I had to fly from Nashville to San Diego and from San Diego to Oakland. The flights were pretty easy, but because of the altitude change by heart rate was 122 the entire time. But I made it home and have been able to start the beta blocker which has already lowered my heart rate. Yesterday my heart rate ranged from 85 to 95. My heart rate hasn't been this low in MONTHS, if not longer so this was huge progress!

Today is mom's birthday!! So happy birthday to the best mom! We're celebrating tonight and next Monday when Grant and Gordon are home too!!

I can't find the kinect tennis commercial...but every time I see one of these ones I can't help but think that someday we might come home to find our own parents doing this...

10 days until the GRIKI wedding!!!

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