December 7, 2011

GRIKI what?!?

Just recently a friend from high school (and fellow blogger!!) commented on our blog asking about the meaning behind GRIKI.

It's pretty simple.

Grant (Gr) + Kiki (iki) = GRIKI

Please don't think we really believe that we're such a big deal that we get to be put in the category of couples with only one name (ie. Bennifer...). We all know how successful those turn out to be. But the nickname started as soon as we started dating and has stuck ever since. With the wedding coming up, the nickname continues to be usesful...GRIKI wedding, Team GRIKI, and of course the twitter hashtag #teamgriki, #grikiwedding...

PS 15 days until the GRIKI wedding!


  1. :-) Thank you for the info! Cute story! I didn't know that you went by Kiki! Very interesting! :-)

  2. And don't be silly! You totally are cool enough to combine your names!! We use our last name in sentences ALL OF THE TIME! haha

  3. I love it. Did you know that Steve and Yvonne combined their last names = Menzello?! It is on a plaque at their Tahoe house.

    I'm so sorry that we won't be at your wedding. We will be thinking about you all day<3

    Lots of love,


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