December 18, 2011

My Bachelorette Party!

Last night was my bachelorette party!! My maid of honor and sister, Caroline, did an excellent job planning everything and we had a wonderful day!

First we started off with mimosas and catch-up time. Then we all got to pick an apron that we liked. Tied to the apron was a food. We all made my favorite chicken salad for lunch and the food listed on our label was what we were in charge of while making the meal!

Then we were whisked away to Lavande for pedicures and more champagne. Later it was back to the house for treats, romantic comedies, and gifts! Caroline surprised us all with goodie bags filled with beads and light up rings for the night!

We got all dolled up and a MASSIVE party bus for 45 people arrived. They upgraded us because they gave our smaller bus away to another group. Tom was our driver and while we were at dinner he picked up his 22 year old son Casey for the ride home. We had vodka-cranberries and mango mojitos while we danced (and sang) our way to the city for dinner at Paragon! And what dinner would be complete at Paragon without a chat with Spence before he made my meal...

We danced, sang, and drank our way back to Moraga where we all knew we would feel it today. I'm glad to report that we all survived, but we're all a little achy and tired this morning.

There are hundreds of more pictures posted on facebook....

4 days until the GRIKI wedding!!!

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  1. Wow, your bachelorette party was truly epic. I am so impressed to see these photos. My sister-in-law would be getting married and has been planning hen’s party at some local Seattle venues. If you have some nice game ideas for her party, please share here.


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