January 6, 2012

GRIKI Wedding Update Coming Soon!

So I promise that as soon as I get the pictures, there will be a massive wedding post with all the details. But until then, those of you who are friends with us on facebook will be able to see the photos our family took. I promise the post will include all the wonderful details. But just know that the day was magic and perfect in every possible way. We were surrounded by our friends and family and as we were being driven to the city, Grant turned to me and said "Now I know why people get married every year!"

We spent the week after Christmas exploring Sonoma and Napa, so there will be another post with pictures to follow.

For New Years Eve 2011 we had dinner with Scott and Lindsay at Paragon!!

As you can see, we got all dressed up for our night out in the city. We spent most of our three hour dinner answering Table Topic for Couples Question...and really solidifying the confidentiality of our friendships :)

Now we are back in Clarksville, and slowly getting adjusted to the much colder temperatures! I started work this past week and really love working with students again. I am tutoring one student with autism and another student with ADHD. Last night we finally did the Cheap, Trashy Bar Crawl of some of the Clarksville finest establishments!

And we got a new piece of art for our place!!!

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