February 8, 2012

Allison's Visit!

This past weekend Allison came to visit! It was exactly what I needed to cure my bout of California homesickness. Unfortunately for Grant, he had to deal with the two of us instead of just me. :)

The weekend included sushi, disco bowling, shopping, baking, pizza making, reality tv, the Brandy version of Cinderella, lots of wine, taboo, couples cards, shooting, naps, a super bowl party, and lots and lots of laughter!

Obligatory kite photo. Not sure if the theta magazine would publish a kite photo from the shooting range, but at least we can add it to our ever growing collection.

Allison and Haley got to shoot for the first time!

Last photo before we had to drop her off at the airport! This weekend flew by way too fast. But I have my fingers crossed that Pixar will decide to open an office in Clarksville...

The new piece of artwork we found at Artifacts!

Grant is continuing to heal, but he tends to push himself a little too far and then needs to recover the next time. And I am recovering from a badly sprained wrist caused by one of my students at work. Needless to say we look like quite the broken pair right now...

Next visitor...GORDON!!!

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