February 18, 2012

Fort Campbell Bucket List: #6 and #18

Yesterday we decided to be adventurous and branch out of our Clarksville bubble and start working on our bucket list (see post: Fort Campbell Bucket List). And I had a Theta meeting so we were already going to be in Nashville anyway. The weather was fabulous (a little spring teaser!) and we could even drive with the windows rolled down without freezing to death.

First stop, #6 on our list...visiting the TN State Capitol Building. It's a beautiful building, but I still love the CA capitol much more. The room we loved the most was the law library with the spiral staircase. And I love how much detail and time was put into the ceilings of old buildings.

Second stop, #18 on our list...touring the TN State Museum. We had been in this building before when we went to see Wicked (see post: Doctors...Halloween...Wicked...Gordie's Birthday!). However, we had no idea how large this museum would be. There are 3, maybe even 4 levels. I lost track after a while, and all the levels have these mini levels built within them. We had a good time walking around, but what we discovered is that people in TN are OBSESSED with the Civil War and the War of 1812. Like hard core. There was very little focus on anything that happened after the Civil War. oo yeah, and they LOVE Andrew Jackson. I took this picture for Allison...the first time she saw this flag she goes "Wow, the confederates really like bowling around here..." I then had to explain it was actually the state flag :)

Both of these stops were free so all we had to pay for was parking! I think I pushed my body a little too far with all the walking and by the time I was finished with my Theta meeting and we were home, I was suffering from all the symptoms of a POTS episode. Thankfully, I was able to lay down for the rest of the evening and Grant took great care of me.

A little TLC and lots of sleep, plus a Zyrtec for these crazy winter allergies, and I'm feeling much better today. I was able to get up and go VOTE early (the TN primary isn't until March 6th).

Today we're off to Murray, KY to watch the Saint Mary's Gaels beat Murray State. Kenton was nice enough to get us tickets and we can't wait to watch him play. Look for us on TV. I'll be the one so, so happy to have a little bit of Moraga much MUCH closer than usual. Grant will probably be the embarrassed one cheering in a very masculine way :)

PS...less than 3 weeks until Gordie arrives!!!

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