February 15, 2012

Fort Campbell Bucket List

With the way the Army is set-up, the likelihood of us being in one location for longer than a few years is slim to none. And given the current status of Grant's foot, who knows how long we will be here and what our time here will look like. So Grant and I have been making a Fort Campbell Bucket List...

1. Go to the Kentucky Derby

2. See a show at the Grand Ole Opry (completed 9/15/12: see post)

3. Visit Dollywood

4. Visit Graceland (completed 7/21/12: see post)

5. Explore Memphis (completed 7/22/12: see post)

6. Go see the TN Capitol Building in Nashville (completed 2/17/12: see post)

7. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame (completed 6/17/12: see post)

8. Spend a weekend in New Orleans

9. Have dinner at the Harper House (completed 7/20/12: see post)

10. Wander around the Vanderbilt Campus (completed 6/10/12: see post)

11. See the Smoky Mountains (saw another mountain instead on 1/26/13: see post)

12. Go to the TN Aquarium (completed 1/27/13: see post)

13. See a NASCAR Race and pretend to like it (sort of completed 5/27/12: see post)

14. Have a BBQ with our friends by the pool (completed 5/20/12: see post)

15. Picnic at the Parthenon (completed 6/17/12: see post)

16. Go to the TN State Fair (completed 9/8/12: see post)

17. Visit Cheekwood (completed 6/17/12: see post)

18. Tour the TN State Museum (completed 2/17/12: see post)

19. Wander around the Fontanel Mansion and Farm (completed 6/10/12: see post)

20. Go to a Nashville Predators Game (completed 1/21/13: see post)

PS 3 weeks until Gordie arrives!!!


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