February 21, 2012

A little quiet around here...

Well Grant's 4 weeks of convalescent leave are over today. The alarms went off nice and early this morning and he was off to profile PT to see how far he can push himself without hopefully damaging his still recovering foot!

It's much much quieter around here and a little lonely...although I do have a little mouse in the kitchen to (UNFORTUNATELY) keep me company. (More to come on that later in this post). It was really nice to have Grant home for those four weeks. Obviously the first couple of weeks he was pretty out of it and we were focused on helping his foot recover. But after that it was nice to just be able to spend time together. Anyone who has known anyone in the Army, knows that schedules can be unpredictable and it is so important to value the time you do get to spend together. We were definitely able to do lots of that! But today I have USO volunteer training so hopefully we'll be able to meet up for lunch today!

Other big news...THERE IS A MOUSE IN THIS HOUSE!!!

Last night I went to grab a pan from underneath the oven for dinner and out popped this little field mouse. I promptly screamed at the top of my lungs and ran and jumped on top of our bed. No, I didn't bother to look and see where the mouse went. I was more concerned with getting as far away as possible from that pesky little rodent. Which unfortunately meant we had absolutely no idea where he went. So as my heart rate skyrocketed, I cooked dinner from sitting on the top of the counter while Grant searched every nook and cranny for the little guy. No luck. Then all of a sudden he ran out from underneath the dishwasher and ran towards the linen closet. Again, there were lots more screams and quite frankly dinner was the last thing on my mind. So Grant with trashcan and oven mitt in hand proceeded to search the linen closet. Everything was going great until I decided to come check out the action. At that exact time the mouse ran out and I screamed bloody murder. Which meant Grant screamed bloody murder. I ran back to our bedroom and jumped on our bed and we lost the guy again. At this point I was seriously debating taking a xanax and booking a hotel room for the night. We knew what we had to do...it was time to call in the big guns.

One quick phone call to Ryan and he was on his way over to our apartment with Lexi and Lily (2 of their 3 cats) in tow. They enjoyed exploring the apartment and before long Lily was chasing after the little guy. She and the boys found him hiding behind one of the pillows on our couch in the guest room. She chased him all the way back under the dishwasher and sat there waiting for him to come back out. Ryan could only have been prouder had she actually caught the mouse. After waiting 20 minutes, starting the dishwasher and shining a flashlight, we gave up on our search. Ryan and the kitties went home. And Grant went out and bought 5 mouse traps. 3 different kinds. Our kitchen looks like a minefield and we are all set for his next appearance. Until then I'm on the mouse diet. Only eating when Grant is home to get things from the kitchen for me. :)

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