February 19, 2012


One night my sister texted me and said that Saint Mary's basketball team was going to be playing in Murray, KY and we should go watch. It seemed like a long shot that it would be within driving distance. After a little research and a quick trip to mapquest.com, I discovered that Murray was just a quick 90 minute drive away from us. Kenton, our favorite Gael player and friend, was nice enough to get us tickets so we could come watch the game!

Alexa texted us to let us know that she could see us on TV we looked very Southern on ESPN.
There is absolutely nothing in Murray. And quite frankly there was pretty much nothing to be seen along the drive there. So much poverty, lots of empty storefronts, and very very few markets for the amount of homes we passed. I'm still trying to figure out how the people who live there eat. Once we finally arrived in Murray, very little changed. There were a few chain places to eat and shop, but nothing that would draw me to ever consider going to school there. We did drive past some Greek houses while entering campus so I guess maybe you can hide out inside your sorority house and pop over to the closest fraternity house from time to time.

Inside the stadium was packed, it was definitely a sell out game and honestly I don't think there is much else to do in the town. But their gym is a far cry from the intimacy and comfort of McKeon Pavillion. It's massive, loud, and the fans look like bumble bees. Their mascot is the Racers (but when they chant it sounds like Racists)...

Unfortunately, SMC lost, but we did get to see Kenton play and we were excited to be two of about ten people in the whole gym cheering for Saint Marys!!!

After the game things got hectic, and a little claustrophobic so we didn't get to see Kenton afterwards, but I had to include my favorite photo of Grant and I with him. This photo was taken at our engagement party in March 2011.
We did make it home safely after our GPS took us home the long way. Lucky for Grant I had brought my iPod and was prepared to sing us the whole way home. I don't think he was nearly as excited as I was, but I was able to keep us entertained the whole way home!

It was so nice to have the Gaels in town for the night to make Moraga not feel so far away!

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