March 26, 2012

2,300 miles...yeah, we thought we were past this too.

Grant is still in TN and I am still in CA.

Unfortunately none of my symptoms have subsided. In fact, over the past 48 hours, some have gotten much worse. I've seen all of my doctors while I've been home. Some have been more wonderful than others. But basically none of them can do anything to help me through this process. I just have to wait it out. Today my doctor told me it could be another 3 weeks before I feel better. Fingers crossed it doesn't actually take that long.

I have to say, when Grant and I got married, we did not see more long distance in our future anytime soon. But we're back to phone calls, text messages, and skyping. It really sucks. We did this for a year already and neither of us ever wanted to do it again- it's exhausting, and it's not fun at all to be so far away. I think we both handled it better last year because we knew that it was our only option. And while we know it's our only option right now until I get better, it's frustrating that the doctors in TN aren't more qualified about the medications they are prescribing, and it's frustrating that my body isn't healing more quickly. And we know that this too shall pass; but right now we're kind of over it all. We just can't catch a break. Don't worry, Mango's keeping me warm at night while Grant can finally take up my side of the bed with no argument!

I'm hopeful that in a few more weeks I'll feel all back to normal and life in TN can resume as usual. And that with the warm weather on its way in, life might even be a little bit better. We're looking forwards to lazy afternoons by the pool, mixed drinks, more bucket list items, eating dinner on our patio, and hot pool swims before dinner. As long as we can avoid the spring tornado season things should be just fine. And God willing, we will only have so much time left in Clarksville. There's a new addition to our blog...has anyone noticed it yet?

Also, has anyone seen the April 2, 2012 issue of People magazine? Well you should check it out because there's an article about the Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page. He was sick for a while and actually had to take a five year break from the Wiggles because he was so sick. Doctors finally diagnosed him as having Orthostatic Intolerance which is very similar/basically the same thing as what my diagnosis of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. If you're interested, here's the press release the Wiggles released November 30, 2006 announcing his leave. Who knew?!

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