March 22, 2012

Gordon came to visit!

So in the midst of all the sickness we've been dealing with...Gordon was scheduled to visit! He was all set to come, but then I got so sick and mom had to fly out. So for a few days he was worried that his trip was going to get cancelled...When I got really sick in August we had to cancel a trip he had planned to come visit so Mom could come out for my tests. Needless to say he was less than pleased about this prospect.

Thankfully, he still arrived late Thursday night and Grant even drove to Nashville to get him. Friday we slept in while Grant was at work and Gordon was antsy to do/see something. After a quick drive around Clarksville and a stop at the grocery store, he looked at me and said "Wow Kiki, you're really slummin' it." Once Grant was home we all made pizzas for dinner while watching Moneyball and 50/50. For the rest of the weekend the boys played Fifa and screamed at the TV. Don't worry, they did pick up donuts, see post, and eat at Blackhorse.

Monday Gordon hopped on a plane back to Los Angeles, and the next morning he drove up to Northern California for Spring Break.

I would say we'll do more exciting stuff the next time he comes to visit...but who am I kidding.

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