March 16, 2012

life update...sort of.

We've had a lot on our plate say the least. When Grant and I started dating, we knew that there would be lots of things we would not be able to control. We've always called them 'external factors.' With one of us in California, and the other one in Georgia, there were constantly things out of our control. We had a three hour time change, thousands of miles between us, and never enough long weekends.

This photo is the first one we have together.
We knew we were in for a ride; but we had no idea how much we would end up with on our plate.

But after one year and ten days of dating, I hopped on a plane and moved to Tennessee. I was the girl that was never leaving town...but high school graduating class even agreed when they voted me most likely to be a Moraga mom. (fingers crossed that will still happen) But in the midst of moving, planning a wedding, leaving my dream job, and Grant leaving IBOLC and going to Fort Campbell, we handled it quite well. I only cried a few times, and Grant managed to not cry at all...

After the move, we settled in well and even managed to enjoy the heat and humidity among a flurry of other things that were part of the massive culture shock that moving to the South entailed. Grant's foot had been bothering him since December 2010 and he was continuing to see doctors and have various limitations at work. And we were so excited when I got hired to teach right before the start of the school year! However, going to work full-time proved to only highlight and exacerbate my ongoing health issues. By the end of labor day weekend I was incredibly sick. More sick than I had ever been and had to resign from teaching. For me it was devastating, I gave up my dream job to move across the country, and less than a month into my new job, I (well really my body) was giving up another job.

But we handled it, Mom flew out for a week so I could have some tests done and Grant wouldn't have to worry while he was at work. I spent hours and hours seeing various doctors and specialists...we were beginning to feel like we would never know what was making me so sick when finally we got an answer! (See POTS post) Things settled down around our house. I got a couple new part time jobs, we got married, and life was pretty awesome.

Then Grant had foot surgery. The surgeon said it went as well as possible! Grant was on convalescent leave for four weeks and we kept our fingers crossed that there would be at least some relief or improvement. We were able to enjoy lots of time together before Grant healed up and returned to work.

Since then, God has really been testing us. We've always said after our first year together, there isn't anything we can't handle. And I still believe that. However, I have had to remind myself that I believe that daily. Before everyone freaks out, let me clarify, things could not be better between Grant and I. I keep falling more and more in love with him each day, and I am so lucky to have him in my life. As a couple, we have been forced to lean on each other more these past six weeks (maybe whole year) than most couples (I would argue) do in their first five years of marriage.

Now here is where I'm going to start leaving out some of the details. I love this blog, but there are plenty of things that the whole internet doesn't need/shouldn't need to know. So here's the cheap and dirty version of that very full plate I mentioned earlier...and someday when I decide to tell you the whole store, you'll eventually realize why our plate is so full!

Six weeks ago I started weaning off a medication I no longer need. Two weeks ago I took the last pill. I've been living my own personal hell since then. 30 hours after taking the last pill I was plagued with migraines, nausea, exhaustion, severe depression, and excessive crying. For anyone that knows me, you know that these symptoms do not describe me at all. Between Grant's busy and demanding work schedule, I was a mess while he was at work, and my doctors have been no help at all...their response "Go back on the medication". Really?!? My mom did some research online and while the doctors say the withdrawal effects from coming off this medication are minimal, the bloggers don't lie. One guy said coming off of his heroin addiction was easier than weaning off this medication. It's been a lot to handle. Nothing eases my symptoms at all and the fact that we are stuck in Clarksville for the next few years only makes my medically induced depression and severe crying worse.

But once again, Mom came out to help. She dropped everything...and even left her precious Kato and my Mango behind to come to the rescue!

Best mom ever.

She booked her ticket Monday afternoon and by Tuesday afternoon she was bringing us groceries from Trader Joe's. Don't let this mislead you. I pretty much have the best husband ever. He takes great care of me whenever he can. Unfortunately, the Army is only so understanding of outside things (like families...) so when he leaves for work at 5am and is gone until the evening, it can be really difficult when I've been so sick lately. So having Mom here meant Grant could go to work and not worry that I would spend the whole 14 hours he was gone crying in bed feeling crummy. We thought she would just stay a few days, but my symptoms have yet to ease up or go away. So yesterday we flew from Nashville to Los Angeles to Oakland so I can see a doctor here and hopefully rest up and get better quickly. Needless to say, Grant knew what a sicky I was before he married me, but God decided we needed a little reminder to kick off the first few months of marriage.

Apparently God also likes to stress out two type A individuals a lot too. Grant's foot continues to have made no improvements. He is in almost constant pain and we feel like we're running out of options given all the demands of the Army. He started Physical Therapy this week so fingers crossed that will help dramatically; and the doctor has a few more things to try out before we've ruled out all the options other than time!

We keep reminding each other that God is putting us through all of this for a reason. We just haven't figured out what that reason is just yet. And with all the things on our plate right now, I'm hoping that God is planning on teaching us a few lessons this time instead of just one.

Thanks for the calls, texts, emails, tweets, fb posts, g-chats (Allison!!!), visits, etc...I promise when I'm feeling better I'll return to the land of answering all forms of social media.

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