March 2, 2012

worrisome weather and a weepy wife

It's been a rough week around here. Wednesday was filled with rough weather and tornado warnings. And I've been making some medicinal changes which have made me feel like a recovering drug addict...

I am a California girl through and through. I like sunshine, summer time BBQs, and earthquakes are part of my blood. Sure, I would never ask for an earthquake, but if I had to choose any natural disaster, that's the one I would pick. You can't really worry about them because you don't know when they're coming so all you can do is be prepared.

HOWEVER....our new life in the South is filled with thunderstorms, lots of wind (and sometimes hail) and tornado warnings... We had warnings on Wednesday, but those proved to be just a pre-cursor for what was coming today. Today we are the white spot on the weather map that they are calling the bull's eye. We have a 90% chance of tornadoes and I am not a fan of Grant being at work while I get to sit here all day and watch the weather channel. I am hopeful that they'll release him early, but knowing the Army I'm not holding my breath. So say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed! I've got my Ipad charged so I can finish the new Jodi Picoult book while I hide out in our safe space (our walk-in closet) if needed!

And with the help of my beta blockers, my POTS (see post) is being managed much better. So I decided to get off the medication they had put me on for the chronic pain I had been experiencing. I tried to get off the medicine in early January; however, the weaning process was too fast and I experienced SEVERE withdrawal effects. But with Grant's foot recovered from surgery, now seemed like a good time to try again with a much slower withdrawal process. Essentially I am in the beginning/middle of week 3 of 4. So far this has been going much better than last time. I still don't feel well, but my work schedule has been light this week and I have been able to spend a lot of time resting. With one major side effect...when I went from alternating a whole dose one day to a half dose the next day to a half dose every day...the tears poor Grant has been dealing with a very weepy wife. You name it and I was crying about it...the stupid bureaucracy of the Army...missing CA...missing teaching...etc. Fortunately, now that I am taking only half a dose every other day, the crying has subsided and I'm back to feeling like a normal, rational person.

So if we can make it through this weather today, my anxiety might actually disappear!

Gordie arrives on Thursday!!!

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