May 6, 2012


I've been quite the bookworm since I started feeling better and Grant's been gone.  
I thought I'd share some of them!

1. MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche

Allison emailed me a link to this book thinking it sounded like something I should read given all the changes over the past year.  We were both a little hesitant to read it out of fear that it would drive us into a pit of self-pity and loneliness...however; I loved the book.  I've made some great friends this past year in Clarksville, but there is something about the comfort of friends from home that can never be replaced.  It was nice to know that so many of the emotions and experiences I've had over the year are common.  Not to mention I love Rachel's commentary on friendships and the research she's done to back up her own observations.

This is a must read for any female looking for a way to strengthen and build friendships.

2. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman


People have been recommending this book to me for months!  I am so glad I finally read it.  Not only does it shed light on how to strengthen your marriage, but also your relationships with those you care about in your life.  Definitely a must read!  I took the quiz and my love language is Acts of Service with Physical Touch coming in second.  I want to take the test again when Grant and I haven't been apart for two months to see if Physical Touch still comes up second.  I'm not sure if it ended up that high just because that the one form of love I'm incapable of getting from him right now (thanks Army).

3. How to Eat a Cupcake by Meg Donohue

Mom found this book while shopping at Target and it is the perfect summer read by the pool.  And while I read this book indoors thanks to two weekends of getting sunburned with Allison; it was still a fun, quick read!  I also think I'm partial to this book because it's set in San Francisco.  For anyone who read the Nora Roberts bridal quartet...this book reminds me of those!

4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I'm currently on the second book of this trilogy and I'm unimpressed.  The story is cute enough, but I'm definitely not a follower like the rest of the people I'm friends with on facebook seem to be.  Now to be fair, I did start this trilogy after finishing the next two books I'm about to write about.  And The Hunger Games seems like elementary school writing and content compared to those so maybe this trilogy never really stood a chance...but needless to say I won't be running out to see the movies anytime soon.

5. 50 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades Darker by E L James (I'm saving the 3rd book for my flight!)