May 6, 2012

easter weekend and see you laters.

Things have been hectic around here to say the least!  I met with a WONDERFUL new doctor who was filled with all sorts of answers to our questions about what my poor body has been going through over the past several weeks.  Essentially she said that she would have taken 4-5 months to do what my doctor in TN did over 3 weeks...which explains the SEVERE withdrawal symptoms my body was going through.  It was such a relief for a doctor to validate how awful I have been feeling, and to assure me that I was through the worst of it.  I am finally feeling better and those symptoms are gone!

Grant was able to get a pass to come home for Easter weekend.  It was great to be able to spend the weekend together and to see our families.  We jetted off to Sonoma for Saturday night where we stayed at the same lodge we spent our honeymoon at.  We wine tasted, had massages and ate dinner at our favorite restaurant on the square, El Dorado Kitchen.  This is also where we discovered that I am allergic to turnips.  Who actually ever eats turnips?  We're not sure why I reacted to them, but our guess is that they are a root vegetable like garlic.  Needless to say, I will never be eating those again and thankfully we avoided a visit to the ER and pumped me full of zyrtec instead to stop the reaction.

Unfortunately the weekend flew by too quickly and Grant is now off training in a different state for the next several weeks.  We're back to long distance again, but thankfully he has excellent cell phone reception.  Everyone had been telling us that the reception was terrible and that our contact of these weeks would be really limited.  So thank you AT&T for having reception literally in the middle of nowhere.  We now have another countdown going until his return, or at least a guess for when he is supposed to return.  It will be so nice to get back to our normal routine of things and to actually be able to spend time together.

I've been keeping busy by subbing and reading lots (another post on all the books coming soon!); but am anxiously awaiting his return!

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