May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend, Fort Campbell Bucket List #13, and Wisdom Teeth

Grant and I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend in Culver, Indiana at Lake Maxinkuckee.  We drove up Friday to spend the weekend with his Aunt Sugar, Uncle John, cousin Matt, and their two friends.  If you follow me on twitter, you know we saw some interesting things on our drives to and from our destination.  We had so much fun catching up with everyone, enjoying boat rides, soaking up the sun, riding the wave runner, and eating way too much good food!  We can't wait to go back in July!

And while we were there...we sort of crossed #13 of our bucket list.  Sunday we watched the Indy 500 in Indiana! It's pretty much a religious holiday in that state and although neither Grant nor I are racing fans, it was fun to watch the race with people who actually know something about it!  Because of all the hype surrounding it, and that I've discovered I actually have no desire to see a real Nascar race...we're considering this bucket list item accomplished. 

And the excitement continues because Grant got his wisdom teeth out this morning.  And although he wasn't thrilled about it, his anxiety level was considerably lower than my own.  I had my wisdom teeth out the summer between sophomore and junior years of high school.  The third surgery in six months (following two knee surgeries).  I would have had 15 more knee surgeries than to ever have my wisdom teeth out.  It was extremely traumatic and I basically starved for two weeks.  Thankfully, I am pleased to report that Grant is doing AMAZINGLY well.  No swelling or bruising yet (I know it usually takes a day or two for this to appear).  And his pain has been minimal.  He's already eaten an entire tub of ice cream (Thanks to our good friend Haley for coming to the errand rescue TWICE today!!!) and a whole bowl of jello...not to mention lots of chocolate pudding and applesauce.  The bleeding is finally starting to stop (The TN trick is to use wet lipton tea bags to help stop the bleeding).  And I've been very brave and have helped changed the gauze pads all day without passing out.  The most exciting/stressful time so far has been getting Grant home.  He was still very groggy from the anesthesia and kept trying to talk, take his gauze pads out, sign/talk his thoughts to me, get out of the car at the tiny pharmacy (he set of the alarm in the process).  It was adorable slash not good for my POTS.  I am hoping tonight goes well and that he can sleep while I get up to change his ice packs every couple of hours!

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