June 11, 2012

2 Years and 2 Bucket List Items!

Yesterday we celebrated our 2 year dating anniversary.  On June 10, 2010, Grant and I had a 5 hour sushi date at Blue Gingko.  Two days later I knew I was going to marry him...it took Grant another few days until he was in Spain missing me to know he was going to marry me.  This year was especially exciting since last year we were on opposite sides of the country and didn't get to celebrate together!

First we decided to cross off #19 on our bucket list: Go tour the Fontanel Mansion just outside of Nashville.  The Fontanel Mansion is the former home of Barbara Mandrell and her family.  The house was then bought by Dale Morris and Marc Oswald (Country Music Managers).  Basically the house is this mecca for country music stars.  Lots of famous songs have been written here and there is lots of donated country music memorabilia around the house.

 The bears welcome you at the front entrance.

 The front entrance.

 The Great Room used for entertaining.

 It takes 6 hours to clean this chandelier in the formal dining room.

 This is the hallway where the 3 children's bedrooms are.  It was also the rehab center in the movie Country Strong starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw.

 The indoor swimming pool.

The indoor shooting range where Kid Rock and his friends went crazy with an AK-47.  
That party is the reason why the home is not lived in anymore, and only used for tours.

It looks like a house built in the 80's (which it was).  Lots of gold and mirrors all around.  And the light switches are all low...the reason being that Barbara's husband never wanted his wife to lift a finger-literally!

We were then going to go to the Country Music Hall of Fame, but with all the crazy events going on in Nashville this weekend parking was not an option unless we wanted to fork over a small fortune.  So instead we decided to cross off #10 on our bucket list: Wandering around Vanderbilt.  I've spent a lot of time around the campus at the Theta house as one of their advisors and we went to the Army v Vandy game in October.  It was raining so we just drove around, but it was fun to see more of the campus.

By the end of all that we were STARVING so we headed over to Green Hills to try out Tokyo (a Japanese sushi and steakhouse).  The food was delicious!! And they have cake batter air fresheners as you walk in the door that smell so yummy! We will definitely be going back there lots!

We finally made it back to Clarksville and we were exhausted.  We watched some TV and then promptly passed out from our big adventure!

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