June 17, 2012

Three More Bucket List Items

The past two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for my family.  There were lots of highs, but there have been the lowest of lows.  God is testing our family right now, but we know that Grandma is at peace now and in a much better place.  Knowing that still doesn't make any of this easier, and we have gone through lots of kleenex in this apartment over the past few days.  I'll probably write a longer blog post about this later, but everything is still too fresh to post.  Grant and I wish we could be in California with them, but just a couple more weeks until we're home!  We're sending lots of love to you all and can't wait to be with you soon!

We decided we needed to have a few distractions today to keep our minds off of everything!  So here's what we tackled off the bucket list today:

#17 Visit Cheekwood
First stop of the day was the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.  There are 55 acres of beautiful gardens.  The family that owned the land is the family that created the recipe for Maxwell House Coffee.  Right now the special exhibit is a series of tree houses.  My favorite tree house was the conch shell inspired by the novel Lord of the Flies!  Overall we weren't awed by the gardens, but we were glad to check another item off our bucket list!

The photo above is the conch shell tree house inspired by the novel Lord of the Flies.

#15 Picnic at the Parthenon
Second stop was the Parthenon.  This sits in the middle of Centennial Park and is an exact replica of the Parthenon in Greece.  Although it was warm outside, it wasn't too hot yet so we were able to enjoy our lunch!  And Grant even made friends with a creepy squirrel.  He wanted to feed the squirrel one of his ritz crackers, but I threatened to throw my water bottle at the squirrel if it came near us!

# 7 Country Music Hall of Fame
Our final bucket list item of the day was a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Neither Grant nor I love country music, but we're fans and we live close to Nashville- so this item was definitely a must see while living in TN!  It was really neat to see all of the memorabilia in the museum surrounding the archives.  One of the special exhibits right now is all about Bakersfield and the movement of country music during the Great Depression and afterwards.  It was fun for us to see a little piece of home.  The tours ends with the Hall of Fame.  The room is circular with plaques filling the wall.

By the time we finished at the Hall of Fame we were hot and exhausted! So we headed across town to Tokyo for an early sushi dinner.  After a yummy dinner, quick trip to Trader Joe's, and a haircut for Grant, we finally made it back to Clarksville.

Can't believe we are almost half-way through our bucket list!

PS: I did take photos, but my camera is dead so I'll upload them soon!

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