July 22, 2012

weekend in memphis.

This weekend we drove to Memphis to visit Caroline and Brian while we checked off a couple more items on our bucket list.  Caroline is Scott's (the best man/grant's life long bff) older sister.  We are kindred spirits.  Literally. Our hearts both act funny and we can total enjoy talking about taking beta blockers in our twenties.  Except that I'm on a high sodium diet and she's on a low sodium diet.

First stop...GRACELAND.  Such a trip.  And so very clear that he did a lot of drugs while decorating.

the living room.
the room he made for his parents.
tv room with creepy monkey.
pool room.
jungle room.
his grave.

Second stop...The Peabody Duck Walk.  The Peabody Ducks are pretty famous around Memphis.  And let me tell you, people who visit the Peabody Hotel take duck watching VERY seriously.  A batty old lady was ready to punch out anyone that got in her way.  Seeing the ducks was an unexpected treat that we had not planned on, but Caroline thought of!  Afterwards we had a delicious sushi dinner!

Third stop...Beale Street.  Think Mardi Gras of Memphis.

Fourth stop...The National Civil Rights Museum.  Such a moving experience.  On Saturday we drove by the Lorraine Motel on the way to the ducks and sushi.  Grant and I were talking later that night how it seemed like a movie set.  Something we've seen in so many documentaries but never thought we would see in real life.  It's incredible to think how one hateful action could take away the life of a man who was striving to make so much peaceful progress.  The entire museum was well done; however, I felt like most of the items were things that we had learned about in high school and college only with many more artifacts.  But seeing the recreations of the hotel rooms and the apartment where the shooter was was definitely the highlight for me.  A piece of concrete where his blood was has been removed.  Definitely a must see for anyone traveling through Memphis.


This whole weekend made me miss the good old American Studies days at Davis and made us so happy we decided to start our bucket list in the first place.  Only 8 more items on the bucket list!  Can't wait for Caroline and Brian to come visit and explore Nashville with us!

Let me leave you with this little gem that Caroline and Brian shared with us...he's quite the celebrity in Memphis...

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