July 19, 2012

Whirlwind Block Leave

We are home, unpacked and exhausted from block leave.  It was so nice to have a break from life in Clarksville, but we are happy to be home in our own apartment.

- Thursday we flew back to California
   Clarksville -> Nashville -> San Diego (no plane change!) -> Oakland -> Moraga

- Friday was my Grandma's memorial service (see post)
   It was a beautiful service and clear that my Grandma touched a lot of lives.

- Saturday morning we flew to Vegas
   Crazy quick trip. Gambling, sushi, and LOVE show.  Next time we want to see the Blue Man   Group and go to the Rum Bar!

- Sunday we flew back to Oakland

- Monday and Tuesday we were in Lamorinda
   Dinner and frozen yogurt with Allison!!

- Wednesday was the 2nd Annual Grafft Family 4th of July Party


- Thursday to Monday we were in Sonoma with Grandpa!
   Lots of bocce ball and pool time.




- Tuesday we were in Lamorinda

- Wednesday we flew to Indiana (Moraga -> Oakland -> Denver -> Indy -> Culver): Wednesday to Saturday we were in Indiana at the lake
   Floating, wave runner, reading, tiny sunburn.


- Saturday we flew back to Clarksville
   Indy -> Kansas City -> Nashville -> Clarksville

- Saturday night we slept 13.5 hours.

It was a whirlwind but we can't wait until our next trip back to California to see family and friends!

Here's a map of our trip!!
 image made with google maps

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