August 9, 2012

New Book Reviews: The Kennedy Family

I have always loved Jackie O's style. And I've always been fascinated by the Kennedy family.  There success politically, professionally, personally combined with the constant tragedy that is now known as the Kennedy Curse has keep me intrigued.

A year and a half ago I was looking for a good book to read, and stumbled upon The Kennedy Detail while at our local library.  Growing up in my family, I've been surrounded by patriotism, politics, and even a few political campaigns and have always been a little bit obsessed with what life in the White House is actually like.  The Kennedy Detail was a great book about what it is really like to be a member of the Secret Service and what it was like to be on the Kennedy detail.

 The Kennedy Detail

Right before we left for block leave, I was loading my kindle app with books for the trip.  I found a new release called Mrs. Kennedy and Me.  This book was written by her agent in charge and details his entire time on her detail from the news that Kennedy was the president-elect until a year after his assassination.  It details the day to day life with the first lady.  She craved privacy and wanted to be able to do spur of the moment things- which clearly kept Clint Harris on his toes.
Mrs. Kennedy and Me

Both books illustrate the extreme guilt the agents feel for the president's assassination.  It is clear that these books were written not only to educate the public, but also to act as a way for these agents to release some of their guilt and begin to heal.  Both books are a must read!

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