September 30, 2012

Sunday Social

1. What do you miss most about being a kid?  
I don't really miss anything.  I like being older.  There is something being said for the routine of school; and now that I work with students, I miss being a student.  The routine and structure, getting to organize everything, the ease of seeing your friends each day.  But then I think about allllll the drama that came along with that, and I'm glad I'm older and not going through that.

2. Did you have a nickname growing up? 
My mom always thought that the name Kingsley wouldn't have any nicknames.  Gordon called me King-King when he was little.  But most people have always called me Kings.  As I've gotten older, my siblings started calling me Kiki which now makes up half of Griki.
3. What was your favorite thing to do at recess? 
Talking with my friends.  I always knew what was going on in everyone's lives outside of school.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up? 
I always wanted to be a mom and a magazine editor.  It wasn't until my Junior year of college that I decided I wanted to be a teacher.  And it wasn't until I finished my English credential that I realized I really wanted to be a Special Education teacher.  And I still want to be a mom too.

5. What was your favorite toy?  
I can't think of one, so probably just all my dolls.

6. What is the funniest thing you did as a kid that your parents still remind you about?
One day I dumped everything out of the pantry.  The floor was covered in crackers...

P.S. Happy Birthday Grandma!  Wish we could be home to celebrate with you!!

 P.P.S. The followers button has now re-appeared on our blog.  
Just look in the right hand column and scroll down until you find it.  
Hope this makes reading our blog a little easier!
P.P.P.S. Check back tomorrow to see what's going 
to be happening on our blog the ENTIRE month of October.

September 29, 2012

In honor of Fall...My Pumpkin Scone Recipe!

I love Fall.  And some of my favorite things about Fall are all things pumpkin flavored.  So I thought 'd share my pumpkin scones recipe.  Once I developed my food allergies, Starbucks' Pumpkin Scones were out of the diet (due to dairy products), so I decided to look around the internet for a recipe that I could easily make changes to in order to make them K-safe. 
 After combining a few recipes, 
and using my family as taste tasters...
this is the recipe we use every Holiday season in my family!  Enjoy!
Pumpkin Scones
2 cups all-purpose flour
7 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
3 tablespoons half-and-half (or lactaid milk, vanilla rice milk, etc...)
1 large egg
6 tablespoons cold butter

Plain Glaze
1 cup plus 1 tablespoons powdered sugar
2 tablespoons whole milk (or lactaid milk, vanilla rice milk, etc...)

Spiced Icing
1 cup plus 3 tablespoons powdered sugar
2 tablespoons whole milk (or lactaid milk, vanilla rice milk, etc...)
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
pinch ground ginger
pinch ground cloves

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
2. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg, 1/4 teaspoon cloves, and 1/4 teaspoon ginger in a large bowl.
3. In a separate medium bowl, whisk together pumpkin, half-and-half (or vanilla rice milk), and eggs.
4. Cut butter into cubes then add it to the dry ingredients. Use a pastry knife or a fork to combine butter with dry ingredients. Continue mixing until no chunks of butter are visible. You can also use a food processor: Pulse butter into dry ingredients until it is the texture of cornmeal or coarse sand.
5. Fold wet ingredients into dry ingredients, then form the dough into a ball. Pat out dough onto a lightly floured surface and form it into a 1 -inch thick rectangle that is about 9 inches long and 3 inches wide. Use a large knife or a pizza wheel to slice the dough twice through the width, making three equal portions. Cut those three slices diagonally so that you have 6 triangular slices of dough.  (We usually cut them into much smaller triangles!) 
6. Bake for 14 to 16 minutes (or 10-12 minutes for smaller scones) on a baking sheet that has been lightly oiled or lined with parchment paper. Scones should begin to turn light brown.
7. While scones cool, prepare plain glaze by combining ingredients in a medium bowl with an electric mixer on medium speed. Mix until smooth.
8 When scones are cool, use a brush to paint a coating of the glaze over the top of each scone.
9. As that white glaze firms up, prepare spiced icing by combining ingredients in another medium bowl with an electric mixer on medium speed. Drizzle this thicker icing over each scone and allow the icing to dry before serving (at least 1 hour). A squirt bottle works great for this, or you can drizzle with a whisk. Makes 6 scones (or more if you cut them smaller!).

- I usually double or triple this recipe to save time later!  
- Also, I almost always make them smaller so I get at least 12 scones per batch.  
- When icing scones, always place parchment or wax paper underneath to make clean up easier.
- Another time saver...only make the spiced icing, or mix both icings together so you only have to drizzle the scones once!


September 28, 2012

Happy Friday!

Can't wait for next week to be the start of October!

Hope you have your orange all picked out...


Yesterday was the first Junior League of Nashville daytime General Meeting of the year.  Can't believe it's already time to start my SECOND year here in Nashville.  

POTS update: Saw my cardiologist yesterday.  Got the thumbs up. 
 The beta blocker is doing what it's supposed to do; so we don't need to change anything!

This week has been crazy for us and I'm looking forward to some nice quality time this weekend.

6 weeks until California!

September 25, 2012

Who Are You?

Stealing this from Neely over at A Complete Waste of Make-up!

We're never quite sure who reads this now here's our chance to find out!

Who are you?  

Do you blog, too? Leave me your link!  I want to follow you!

Do you remember how you found my blog? A link-up? Another blog?

How long have you been reading?

What keeps you coming back to my blog?
What would you like to see me blog about more?

What is something we have in common?

Tell me a fun fact about yourself!

Leave your answers in the comments section below.

life update.

With Mom and Dad visiting last weekend/week, Grant and I were exhausted from all the fun activities by the time the weekend hit.

Thursday I dropped Mom off at the airport and made it back just in time for Coffee Group on post.  I had a really fun time getting to know the women better and we got to test out our Nashville knowledge.

We watched baby J Friday and got to have a fun play date with him, but afterwards we came home and needed a nap!  After a lazy Friday, we made a quick trip to Nasvhille Saturday afternoon before Jazz on the Lawn!

Sorry Paige...we still didn't get any pictures.  But it was lots of fun and it is definitely starting to feel like Fall around here.  I looked like the California girl with my flip-flops on, but my feet were freezing!  So it's unfortunately time to switch to the boots for the season.

Sunday was another lazy day topped off by Book Club at Paige's house!  Who doesn't want to sit around and talk about Christian Grey on a nice Fall afternoon?

We have lots of fun activities planned between now and Christmas and we can't wait to fully enjoy the holidays here.

But I'd be lying if I said we weren't already counting down the days until our trip home to California in November!

Yesterday was Boot Camp where I dropped another minute and 5 seconds off my mile time!  In the past 7 weeks, I've dropped 5 minutes and 51 seconds total.  My POTS hasn't caused any issues except for the fact that I am extremely tired after working out.  Some days I feel like I could sleep all afternoon, and I really have to make sure I'm drinking enough water otherwise I start to get dehydration headaches. Really happy with the progress I've made, and hoping to see more substantial progress on assessment day in another couple of weeks!

September 23, 2012

Sunday Social

1. What is something you have wanted to do but you're afraid of?
I really can't think of anything right now.  Grant's the one with all the super adventurous ideas!

2. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hopefully back in California, teaching again, with a family!

3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2012?
Celebrating our first wedding anniversary, two trips back to California, cooking my first turkey, Grant getting some paperwork finished....

4. What are your hopes for your blog?
To keep our family and friends updated while we're so far away, and eventually back in CA.  It's also been a great way for us to create our own little virtual scrapbook.

5. Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city?
Absolutely not! Clarksville is our temporary Army home and hopefully we'll be back in California before too long.

6. What is your morning routine?
Wake up, eat breakfast, go to boot camp or get ready to start the day!

September 19, 2012

Falling into the Holidays

Mom and I have been super busy this week.  Between shopping, baking, decorating, and watching reality television, we've hardly had any chance to stop and catch our breath.  But, that means our home is finally decorated for Fall!

It's important to remember that I HATE decorating for Halloween.  I can't stand the creepy decorations, and honestly don't really like Halloween in general.  It's scary, creepy and girls are pressured to dress like sluts all in the name of embracing the holiday...and although The Wizard of Oz is my favorite childhood movie so I love the witch stuff...I can only bring so much into my home.

So here are the decorations!

TV Cabinet:

Patio Doors:

Close Up of a Grape Vine Wreath:

First Side Table:

Coffee Table:

The bowl the Candy Corn is in is one of my rust orange Crate and Barrel Mixing Bowl.
Second Side Table:

Kitchen Counter:

Sideboard Table:

Dining Room Table:

Table from the other side:

China Cabinet:

 After Halloween, I will turn the Jack-O-Latern around so it just looks like a pumpkin.

Close-up of sign:

The decoration are from Miss Lucille's Marketplace, TJ Maxx, 
Hobby Lobby, my childhood toys, and gifts from family members!

And here's one more picture from the Grand Ole Opry I forgot to post.

No, we didn't plan to match/color coordinate, we're just that cool.

September 17, 2012

mummsy and popsicle visit and another item off the bucket list!

Mom and Dad came to visit!!! 

They arrived Friday afternoon and Grant and I picked them up at the airport
after a busy morning of Junior League stuff.

We headed back to the apartment to regroup before dinner at Harper House!  
We did cross Harper House off the bucket list a couple months ago
but loved it so much we wanted to take Mom and Dad there too.

Saturday it was back to Nashville for another item off the bucket list...
seeing a show at the Grand Ole Opry!

After dinner downtown at Ichiban, 
we walked down Broadway far enough to make our life in the South official... 

GRIKI got boots.

Then it was back to the Grand Ole Opry for the show!
The line-up was great and we go to see a few Opry members perform.

The show was great and Will Hoge and Sara Evans were definitely my favorites!
I can't believe the show started off as (and still is) a radio show!

Sunday the boys headed to Blackhorse for lunch while Mom and I baked peanut butter cookies!  
It was a recipe Grandma had seen made on the Food Network months ago, 
but I hadn't made them until now!  They are very delicious, but very sweet!

 If you want the recipe, you can find it here!

 Mom caught Grant with a mouthful of M and we took another picture at the airport.

We had to drop Dad off Sunday so he could fly to Houston but Mom is here until Thursday!
Only six more items on the bucket list left.

i caved and ordered THE life planner.

I first heard about Erin Condren when I joined the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay, Inc.  She was the go to designed for planner, notebooks, and stationery.  Gift certificates to her online store were the prizes at meetings and women were willing to buy lots of tickets for the chance to win!

Ever since then my bff, bridesmaid, fellow Theta, and blogger Allison over at A. WHITNEY have been emailing back and forth when new designs come out.

At first I couldn't really justify the purchase...the price seems a little steep for a planner...however, if I was teaching in a classroom, I would absolutely want the lesson planner.  And as soon as I'm back in the classroom in California, I will definitely be ordering one.  But now that I am finally feeling better and my schedule is getting busier, I totally caved.

My Erin Condren 2012-2013 life planner just arrived and I could not be more excited!

After much internal debate over which cover design to choose, I decided to go with the mod morocco design and select my own colors.  Teal for the primary color and coral for the secondary color.

I can't wait to start filling it up with my busy schedule!

September 13, 2012

Invisible Illness Week

invisible illness week logo 

For the past 5 and a half years, I've had an invisible illness.  After what felt like hundreds of doctors appointments, tests, and needle pricks, I was finally diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.  You may have read about my diagnosis here, or here, or here.

Next month, I'll be writing a lot more about this.  But stop for a moment to think about how being sick changes when no one can see how sick you are, or that you're even sick at all.

Spread awareness.

September 11, 2012

11 years later.

11 years ago, I was a high school freshman sleeping in because Tuesday mornings still meant late days.  It's hard to believe how much my life has changed since then, and how much that one day is still a very huge part of my life.

My sister's facebook status pretty much sums it up: " -->I have been reading different statuses and posts all day about what today means. I have struggled with what I wanted to say. I realized that 11 years have gone by and we have become callus to the emotions felt on that day. Although I was young, I recognized then that my life would never be the same. I am eternally grateful to the men and women of our armed forces and feel especially proud of the soldiers I personally know. Thank you for risking your lives to defend the freedom of this country."

Never in a million years did I think that the US Army would be playing such a huge role in my life as the one it is right now.  Nor did I know at the time what the acronyms ACUs, FRG, or PCS stood for...

Feeling pretty blessed to have such an awesome husband playing soldier by day and sleeping next to me at night.

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September 10, 2012

Liebster Award!


 My bff, bridesmaid and fellow Theta--Allison over at A. WHITNEY just nominated me for a Liebster Award.  Neither of us really knew what the award I did a quick google search and after reading several blogs, here's what I discovered... Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve some recognition and support to keep on blogging.

So here's how it works:
1. I answer Allison's questions.
2. I write my own questions.
3. I nominate blogs I read.
4. I comment on those blogs to let them know I've nominated them. 

Allison's Questions that she stole from James Lipton:

1. What is your favorite word?

Home.  Wherever Grant is.  Preferably with that home in California.

2. What is your idea of happiness?

My wedding reception.  All my closest family and friends.  Great food and great music.  And a really great dress to go with the party.

3. What is your favorite place to shop?

Nordstrom.  It's a one stop shop.  I can find everything I need and their desire to please customers makes returning something I've had in my closet for over two years yet never worn a breeze!

4. What is one thing you want people to remember you for?

Being a tough cookie.

5. Rainbow's or Sperry's on guys?

Sperry's.  We just got Grant a new pair and he is currently breaking them in when he's not rocking the combat boots for work.

Although, I am partial to flip flops in California.

6. Favorite after work/school treat?

Lactose Free Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt with Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips.

7. What is on the top of your wish list for fall?

An Erin Condren Life Planner.  I just caved and ordered one so look for a blog post soon!

8. Cupcakes or brownies?

Cupcakes!  Preferably the Hershey's Coco Powder Cupcake recipe on the back of the box with the matching frosting (all dairy free of course!).

9. What quality do you most admire in people?

 The ability to just let things go and not worry about them.

10. If heaven exists, what you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

I do believe in heaven and I hope to hear, "All your friends and family are right over there..."

My questions:
1. What is your greatest success?

2. In a perfect world, what do you want to be when you "grow up"?

3. Do you prefer sweet or salty?

4. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

5. What is the first memory that comes to mind when asked: When were you last the happiest you have ever been?

6. If you could go back to school (or go to school), what would you study and why?

7. What is your favorite feature about yourself?

8. If you have read the book, what is your love language?  

9. What makes your heart smile?

10. If you could change one thing, what would you change?

And My Nominees Are:
1. Smiling is Good for Your Teeth

2. A Florida Girl and Her Soldier

3. Life with a Lieutenant

4. Allie in Cleveland

5. Where My Heart Resides

September 9, 2012

Fort Campbell Bucket List: #16

Yesterday we went to the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville to celebrate Grant's Birthday
and cross item #16 off our Fort Campbell Bucket List!

Allison would have been pleased with the amount of confederate bowling flags
we saw displayed around the Fair! (see post from February...)

We wandered around and explored the Creative Arts building where all the entered pieces are displayed.  We saw the kiddie rides and made a mental note to come back for the Pig Races.  But after wandering around the pony section we ran into Phil where he delivered the BEST NEWS OF ALL...there was a pageant going on!  He had accidentally wandered into the building when he arrived at the fair.  Thankfully he did; otherwise we might have missed such an exciting event.  I'm not going to lie...I was hopeful we would get to see Honey Boo Boo...

I was so excited that I didn't even proofread my tweet!

 After being slightly creeped out by the pageant and unfortunately missing out on any TLC crews and/or a Honey Boo Boo sighting, we headed over to the livestock section.  I have lots of memories of going to Fairs in California with my family when I was younger.
Each of those memories includes lots of cows and pigs.



After we met up with a couple more friends we found the Rabbit Barn!  Not only did they have bunnies on display...but those bunnies WERE FOR SALE!  And people were actually BUYING THEM.  Paige was tempted.  She even got a cute business card she tried to share with us.

 And no Fair trip would be complete without some Fair Food!

Grant and Paige enjoyed some Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!

And some Funnel Cake!

The other boys also enjoyed some other Fair Food: corn dog, pretzel, pizza!

Before we knew it, we had to rush over to the Pig Races.
There was already a crowd waiting, but fortunately we were still able to see!

A video of the race.

One little piglet got distracted...

After the race, we walked around a little more before we decided it was time to head Downtown for some sushi!  We yelped sushi downtown and ended up going to Ichiban again.  Grant and I first went to Ichiban in November when Ashton came to visit. (see blog post about our night out then!)

This time Phil and Grant tried Baby Octopus!

The food was delicious and we LAUGHED so much.

We then headed out to a couple of the local hot spots for drinks
and live music before heading home. Such a great night with great friends!
And the night ended on a perfect note with
an amazing rendition of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia!"

Only 7 more items left on the Fort Campbell Bucket List!

September 7, 2012

Bring Brett Home!

My friend LaTache over at Smiling is Good for Your Teeth is letting me share her post today to raise awareness from a 20 year old college student named Brett Olson who was last seen on Sunday in Chico.  Please read the post, share the post, and join the facebook page!

My heart is always in Lamorinda even though we're far away right now, and that combined with the fact that I was an American Studies major, has me amazed by what has happened this past week.  Earlier this week, one of my former students added me to the Let's Bring Brett Home facebook group!  From my first glance at the page, it was apparent that Brett is loved by a lot of people, and that our little area of California is very dedicated to spreading the word, raising awareness, and bringing Brett home as quickly as possible.

Please take a few minutes to look at everything, and forward the information to anyone you know who might be able to help Bring Brett Home!

Here is LaTache's post:

I am from a small town with a huge heart!
A young man is missing and seeing the amazing community that has come together to #BringBrettHome really brings intense emotions and feelings to my core.

Yes, that is the church that Rich and I got married in and yes, that is my mother who is staying strong and holding prayer groups for this scary time in a seemingly helpless family's life.

This is really hitting my family close to home because this strapping young man tutored my brother while he was in high school. He spent many of nights at my parents house helping my brother, being fed by my mom and being loved, tremendously, by my family. 

I am so proud of my family.
Of the heart of my family.
That my two brothers are so passionate about finding this friend, brother, son and young man and are doing everything in their power to ensure his safe return.

I am proud to call Lafayette my home.
Proud because when someone is in need, everyone comes together to help.

Please join the facebook page and keep this family is your thoughts and prayers!
Do whatever you do for good wishes and positive things happening!
Let's Bring Brett Home!

Happy Birthday Grant!!

Happy Birthday Grant!

Our first photo together as a couple.  June 2010.

Today my best friend, husband, roommate, soul mate, etc. is 26!

I've been lucky enough to know you for the past 11 years, 
and to be with you for the past two birthdays!

I can't believe it's already been a year since we celebrated your 25th birthday with a paper at our new apartment.  On the other hand, we have been through so much in the past 365 days.  But I have this suspicious feeling that the next 365 days are going to be filled with so many awesome things for us!  So enjoy today, and always remember that I love you more than anything!!!

This weekend we are going to celebrate by crossing another item off our bucket list.
We're off to the Nashville State Fair!


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