September 7, 2012

Bring Brett Home!

My friend LaTache over at Smiling is Good for Your Teeth is letting me share her post today to raise awareness from a 20 year old college student named Brett Olson who was last seen on Sunday in Chico.  Please read the post, share the post, and join the facebook page!

My heart is always in Lamorinda even though we're far away right now, and that combined with the fact that I was an American Studies major, has me amazed by what has happened this past week.  Earlier this week, one of my former students added me to the Let's Bring Brett Home facebook group!  From my first glance at the page, it was apparent that Brett is loved by a lot of people, and that our little area of California is very dedicated to spreading the word, raising awareness, and bringing Brett home as quickly as possible.

Please take a few minutes to look at everything, and forward the information to anyone you know who might be able to help Bring Brett Home!

Here is LaTache's post:

I am from a small town with a huge heart!
A young man is missing and seeing the amazing community that has come together to #BringBrettHome really brings intense emotions and feelings to my core.

Yes, that is the church that Rich and I got married in and yes, that is my mother who is staying strong and holding prayer groups for this scary time in a seemingly helpless family's life.

This is really hitting my family close to home because this strapping young man tutored my brother while he was in high school. He spent many of nights at my parents house helping my brother, being fed by my mom and being loved, tremendously, by my family. 

I am so proud of my family.
Of the heart of my family.
That my two brothers are so passionate about finding this friend, brother, son and young man and are doing everything in their power to ensure his safe return.

I am proud to call Lafayette my home.
Proud because when someone is in need, everyone comes together to help.

Please join the facebook page and keep this family is your thoughts and prayers!
Do whatever you do for good wishes and positive things happening!
Let's Bring Brett Home!

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