September 9, 2012

Fort Campbell Bucket List: #16

Yesterday we went to the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville to celebrate Grant's Birthday
and cross item #16 off our Fort Campbell Bucket List!

Allison would have been pleased with the amount of confederate bowling flags
we saw displayed around the Fair! (see post from February...)

We wandered around and explored the Creative Arts building where all the entered pieces are displayed.  We saw the kiddie rides and made a mental note to come back for the Pig Races.  But after wandering around the pony section we ran into Phil where he delivered the BEST NEWS OF ALL...there was a pageant going on!  He had accidentally wandered into the building when he arrived at the fair.  Thankfully he did; otherwise we might have missed such an exciting event.  I'm not going to lie...I was hopeful we would get to see Honey Boo Boo...

I was so excited that I didn't even proofread my tweet!

 After being slightly creeped out by the pageant and unfortunately missing out on any TLC crews and/or a Honey Boo Boo sighting, we headed over to the livestock section.  I have lots of memories of going to Fairs in California with my family when I was younger.
Each of those memories includes lots of cows and pigs.



After we met up with a couple more friends we found the Rabbit Barn!  Not only did they have bunnies on display...but those bunnies WERE FOR SALE!  And people were actually BUYING THEM.  Paige was tempted.  She even got a cute business card she tried to share with us.

 And no Fair trip would be complete without some Fair Food!

Grant and Paige enjoyed some Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!

And some Funnel Cake!

The other boys also enjoyed some other Fair Food: corn dog, pretzel, pizza!

Before we knew it, we had to rush over to the Pig Races.
There was already a crowd waiting, but fortunately we were still able to see!

A video of the race.

One little piglet got distracted...

After the race, we walked around a little more before we decided it was time to head Downtown for some sushi!  We yelped sushi downtown and ended up going to Ichiban again.  Grant and I first went to Ichiban in November when Ashton came to visit. (see blog post about our night out then!)

This time Phil and Grant tried Baby Octopus!

The food was delicious and we LAUGHED so much.

We then headed out to a couple of the local hot spots for drinks
and live music before heading home. Such a great night with great friends!
And the night ended on a perfect note with
an amazing rendition of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia!"

Only 7 more items left on the Fort Campbell Bucket List!

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