September 17, 2012

i caved and ordered THE life planner.

I first heard about Erin Condren when I joined the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay, Inc.  She was the go to designed for planner, notebooks, and stationery.  Gift certificates to her online store were the prizes at meetings and women were willing to buy lots of tickets for the chance to win!

Ever since then my bff, bridesmaid, fellow Theta, and blogger Allison over at A. WHITNEY have been emailing back and forth when new designs come out.

At first I couldn't really justify the purchase...the price seems a little steep for a planner...however, if I was teaching in a classroom, I would absolutely want the lesson planner.  And as soon as I'm back in the classroom in California, I will definitely be ordering one.  But now that I am finally feeling better and my schedule is getting busier, I totally caved.

My Erin Condren 2012-2013 life planner just arrived and I could not be more excited!

After much internal debate over which cover design to choose, I decided to go with the mod morocco design and select my own colors.  Teal for the primary color and coral for the secondary color.

I can't wait to start filling it up with my busy schedule!


  1. I too broke down & got one this year. It took me long time to go all digital for a calendar, but need pen & paper for to do/tasks. That what I using mine for.

    1. I only sort of use my calendar on my phone. I love having it written down too much!! And I've decided once I'm teaching back in the classroom, I'll need the lesson planner too! :) Too cute to pass up!


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