September 25, 2012

life update.

With Mom and Dad visiting last weekend/week, Grant and I were exhausted from all the fun activities by the time the weekend hit.

Thursday I dropped Mom off at the airport and made it back just in time for Coffee Group on post.  I had a really fun time getting to know the women better and we got to test out our Nashville knowledge.

We watched baby J Friday and got to have a fun play date with him, but afterwards we came home and needed a nap!  After a lazy Friday, we made a quick trip to Nasvhille Saturday afternoon before Jazz on the Lawn!

Sorry Paige...we still didn't get any pictures.  But it was lots of fun and it is definitely starting to feel like Fall around here.  I looked like the California girl with my flip-flops on, but my feet were freezing!  So it's unfortunately time to switch to the boots for the season.

Sunday was another lazy day topped off by Book Club at Paige's house!  Who doesn't want to sit around and talk about Christian Grey on a nice Fall afternoon?

We have lots of fun activities planned between now and Christmas and we can't wait to fully enjoy the holidays here.

But I'd be lying if I said we weren't already counting down the days until our trip home to California in November!

Yesterday was Boot Camp where I dropped another minute and 5 seconds off my mile time!  In the past 7 weeks, I've dropped 5 minutes and 51 seconds total.  My POTS hasn't caused any issues except for the fact that I am extremely tired after working out.  Some days I feel like I could sleep all afternoon, and I really have to make sure I'm drinking enough water otherwise I start to get dehydration headaches. Really happy with the progress I've made, and hoping to see more substantial progress on assessment day in another couple of weeks!

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