September 17, 2012

mummsy and popsicle visit and another item off the bucket list!

Mom and Dad came to visit!!! 

They arrived Friday afternoon and Grant and I picked them up at the airport
after a busy morning of Junior League stuff.

We headed back to the apartment to regroup before dinner at Harper House!  
We did cross Harper House off the bucket list a couple months ago
but loved it so much we wanted to take Mom and Dad there too.

Saturday it was back to Nashville for another item off the bucket list...
seeing a show at the Grand Ole Opry!

After dinner downtown at Ichiban, 
we walked down Broadway far enough to make our life in the South official... 

GRIKI got boots.

Then it was back to the Grand Ole Opry for the show!
The line-up was great and we go to see a few Opry members perform.

The show was great and Will Hoge and Sara Evans were definitely my favorites!
I can't believe the show started off as (and still is) a radio show!

Sunday the boys headed to Blackhorse for lunch while Mom and I baked peanut butter cookies!  
It was a recipe Grandma had seen made on the Food Network months ago, 
but I hadn't made them until now!  They are very delicious, but very sweet!

 If you want the recipe, you can find it here!

 Mom caught Grant with a mouthful of M and we took another picture at the airport.

We had to drop Dad off Sunday so he could fly to Houston but Mom is here until Thursday!
Only six more items on the bucket list left.


  1. Looking forward to trying out the Harper House! I've never heard of it before. Going to the Opry is on my bucket list too. I keep calling into radio stations to win special tickets, but I never do. I'm waiting to win some as my sign to go. LOL I guess I should probably take a little bit more initiative than that. ;)

    1. Yes! You need to check out both! We're so glad we did!!!


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