October 2, 2012

California and Tennessee

When Mom was here I took her downtown so we could walk through a few of the shops.  One of my favorite shops has the Cat Studio State products.  I decided to get a California towel to place in a frame.  Once I got the frame from Hobby Lobby, and mom got the towel in, I knew I needed a Tennessee towel to match.  But of course, the store downtown was out!  So I hopped on Amazon and ordered on.  I finally had time today to put it in the frame and hang it.  I'm kind of in love with them.

These towels were SO MUCH cheaper than the state pillows I could have purchased.  I know these frames will last us a long time and remind us of the only two states we will ever live in!


  1. Where on earth in HL did you find square frames??? Those are super cute. Is your husband ETSing after Campbell?

    1. I found them with the other frames! They're called Record Frames. And hopefully he will be..still waiting to see how things pan out with Army paperwork and decisions. :)


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