October 24, 2012

Day 24: What Can You Do?

Ok, so you're reading this post, but you don't have POTS or any form of dysautonomia...what can you do for your friends that do?

Just be there.  Be supportive.  Listen.  Offer to help when appropriate.

One of the things I hear the most from people with invisible illnesses (other than that people don't believe them!) is that people sometimes don't know what to say to them.  The Invisible Illness Week website has lots of great awareness and support material, but these were some of my favorites.
iisay011 I Care About You Important For Ill Friend To Hear
iisay04 Its Okay to Cry Are Precious Words To Ill Friend
iisay11 I Will Listen Is A Special Gift For Friend With Illness

Click on the image and resource link below each photo to see the source and read the article that explains more about what to say to an ill friend.
If you like these and want to see more, click here.

Disclaimer: While I am sharing information I have researched, read about, and found to be helpful myself, I am not a doctor and all decisions regarding your own personal treatment should be discussed with your own doctors.  Remember, I am just a patient.

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