October 13, 2012

I spent my 25th birthday with strangers and in a drug induced state.

 The first part of that statement was by choice, the second part was not.

Yesterday was my 25th birthday.  I still feel exactly the same age; but this birthday was extra special because it was the first of the three birthdays I've had while Grant and I have been together that we have actually BEEN TOGETHER for!

Last week I received an email from Jenn over at Life with the Lieutenant.  She wanted to host a party for Fort Campbell bloggers.  Sounded like a great idea to me in a I feel safe meeting these strangers because I can read about all the personal details of their lives online kind of way.  Plus, the fact that we were meeting at her house on post added another level of comfort.  I mean if she can get on post, she must be who she says she is.

I'm so glad that I went.  They turned out to be very nice, not scary strangers.  It was fun to hear everyone talk about their blogs and their experiences in the Army.  Let's just say, Jenn and I have a lot of common experiences that we don't blog about.  That was super awesome.

I hadn't read any of the other blogs before, but am excited to add them to my google reader!

Other bloggers that were there:

Julie at Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life
Molly at All The Grace Between
Sarah at Dandelions and Daffodils

and soon to be blogger Brittany!

After spending time with all those lovely ladies, I met Grant and his office and we headed off to Harper House for dinner. And yes, Jenn, it is right across from Farrell's! I double checked.  You're probably sick of hearing me talk about Harper House (read here and here); but I am continually impressed by that place.

We walked in and were seated right away.  They had the baseball games on their big movie screen which usually plays old movies so we were happy campers.  Our dinner came out quickly and was super delicious.  When Grant asked for the check, our waitress told us that it had already been taken care of by a man at the bar who wanted to thank Grant for his service.  We were shocked and surprised to say the least.  We pretty much never go out to eat when Grant is wearing his uniform.  And when he is out in his uniform, it's almost always his dress blues for some fancy event.  He hates when people thank him because he feels like he just goes to work like everyone else.  But I think it's nice--and last night was certainly and unexpected surprise.  Hopkinsville/Clarksville, sometimes (not very oftennnnnn) you really do surprise me in a good way.

Grant and I have an ongoing discussion about whether the fastest way to make it home from post is by surface streets or the highway.  Last night we each took a different route and I'm pleased to share that we were right--the surface streets are way faster than the freeway.

Back home I opened way too many presents that the family had mailed in time for my birthday.  Grant had already given me his gift a few weeks ago when my computer decided to completely freak out so he brought home a new one!

The next portion of this blog post was written last night...

We ended the night with two zyrtecs.  See Grant ate all this yummy delicious not Kingsley friendly food at dinner.  And yes, he brushed his teeth, flossed and listerened...however, he kissed me and my lips started to burn.  I tried to tough it out. I really did. But then my tongue started to swell and my throat got tight.  So I popped two zyrtec and waited for them to kick in.  We monitored my oxygen levels and my symptoms.  Don't forget--we've done this a time or two before.  We ended up killing time in our family room.  I was on the computer and Grant was trying so hard to stay awake.  He really wanted to play his video game, but he fell asleep in our chair.  When he woke up, I tried to convince him he had been awake for an hour.  I commented on the fact that his video game had a pretty cool soundtrack.  Then he informed me that it was a music channel on the TV.  THANKS A LOT ZYRTEC.  I thought FIFA had a cool, hip soundtrack.  Total letdown.

...end of blog post written last night. 

When I finally finished typing the draft of this blog post, I told him I was ready to try and sleep.  He looks at me and goes "You just finished typing your drug induced blog post, right?"  He knows me so well.  Needless to say, the video game had JUST loaded and he wasn't super thrilled.  So he paused the came and crawled in bed with me until I fell asleep.  Marriage is all about compromise.

Thankfully, we avoided the emergency room.  And I slept greattttttt thanks to two zyrtec.  And this little reaction is the perfect excuse for a nice, lazy Saturday around the apartment!


  1. Oh my gosh! That is soo crazy that you can't even KISS!! Yikes! I am glad you are OKAY!

  2. It was so great to meet you yesterday :) Sounds like a great night except for the kiss. I am glad to hear you are ok.

  3. Yay for a great dinner at the Harper House! That is PRETTY scary about the allergic reaction. I'm glad the zyrtec took care of it for you so you could avoid the ER.
    Now the only thing you did NOT cover in your blog post was why you made so many dang cookies!!!! And you didn't take them home with you!!!! (my hips are expanding as I type...)


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