October 14, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social 

1. Favorite childhood book: Any Babysitter's Club book or Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys combo mystery.  But the first book I learned to read was Norma Jean, Jumping Bean.  We read the Berenstein Bears books too!

2. Favorite book lately:  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  It's like the grown-up version of a Jodi Picoult book (love Love LOVE her books!).

3. Book you wish you could live in: The Notebook.  No, not for the romance.  I'm already married to my Noah.  But, I LOVE that house.  And I love BIG grand gestures.

4. If you could be any character from a book who would it be and why? A member of the Finch family (To Kill a Mockingbird).  Having Atticus as a family member would be a pretty powerful example.

5. Favorite book turned movie: The Wizard of Oz.  Two reasons: 1. Favorite movie as a child. 2. I LOVE Wicked...see post here.  Wanna know a secret...I've never read the book...but the movie and musical are both amazing---so the book must have given people something to work with.

6. Favorite magazines: Real Simple, Redbook, Time, US Weekly


  1. I use to love the Babysitter's Club books too!

  2. I love Real Simple. Can't ever find time to read it, but when I get a chance to read that stack I have piled up... watch out, house. I'm gonna organize the hell outta you.


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